The Journal of San Diego History
Spring-Summer 1998, Volume 44, Numbers 2 & 3
Richard W. Crawford, Editor


By Gregory L. Williams

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C1. San Diego Photographic Print Reference Books, 1870s-1990s. 33 file drawers. Print Reference Books are arranged alphabetically by subject. Selected 8x10 prints or photocopies of 100,000 images from the San Diego History Center's photograph collection. Used for immediate, though not complete access to the Society's negatives and original prints. The reference books are bound by subject and arranged alphabetically. Includes copies of most film or glass processes. Documents business, domestic life, institutions and geography of San Diego and San Diego County. Subjects include aerial photographs, African-Americans, agriculture, animals, apartment houses, San Diego architecture, art, automobiles, aviation including dirigibles, airports, and Charles Lindbergh, Balboa Park (including the Panama California Exposition of 1915 and California Pacific Exposition of 1935), beach scenes, bicycles, the Border Patrol, bridges, bullfights, buildings and businesses (exteriors and interior). Businesses include bakeries, banks, barber shops, bath houses, breweries, canneries, dairy industry, gas stations, groceries, livery stables and carriage houses, logging, lumber, movie theaters, newspapers, restaurants, and saloons. Subjects also cover camps, cemeteries, cannons, Chinese businesses and families, Christmas, churches, city and county offices including jails and city hall, colleges and universities, construction, Hotel del Coronado, clothing, fairs, cowboys, crime, dams, dedications & ceremonies, demonstrations, IWW riots, depressions, earthquakes, fire department, fishing, floods, furniture, Germans, horses, horticulture, hospitals, hotels, Native Americans, industry, Japanese, liberty bell, machinery, maps, Mexican Americans, the U.S. military and its branches, mining, missions, monuments, motorcycles, mountains, mural prints, museums, music/bands, nudists, oil wells, Old Town (buildings, people, views, and other scenes), organizations, parades and celebrations, people including San Diego mayors, city officials, and celebrities, photographers, picnics, police, Portuguese, post offices, radio, railroads including California Southern/Santa Fe and San Diego & Arizona, ranches, real estate, residence, rivers, roads & highways, San Diego (chronologically, harbor, skyline), San Diego History Center, schools, shopping centers, signs, snow, sports, stagecoaches, streetcars, strikes, surveyors, television, theaters, toys, trailer parks, trees, trucks, wartime SD, water, whales, windmills, Works Progress Administration, YMCA, YWCA and San Diego Zoo.

Reference books of areas or institutions closely associated with the city of San Diego include Adams Ave., Allied Gardens, Alpine, back country, Baja California, Ballena, Bankers Hill, Banner, Borrego, Bonita, Buckman Springs, Campo, Cardiff, Carlsbad, Clairemont, Cuyamaca, Del Mar, Descanso, Dulzura, Dutch Flats, El Cajon, El Cortez, Elsinore, Enc anto, Encinitas, Escondido, Fallbrook, Five Points, Fletcher Hills, Flinn Springs, Fort Rosecrans, Foster, Gas Lamp Quarter, Golden Hill, Grantville, Grossmont, Hillcrest, Horton Plaza, Imperial Beach, Jacumba, Jamul, Julian, La Costa, Laguna Mountains, La Jolla, Lakeside, La Mesa, Lemon Grove, Leucadia, Linda Vista, Little Landers, Logan Heights/Sherman Heights, Kearny Mesa, Kensington, Mesa Grande, Mexico, Middletown, Midway District, Miramar, Mission Bay, Mission Beach, Mission Cliff Gardens, Mission Hills, Mission Valley, Moosa Canyon, Morena, Mount Helix, Mountain Springs, National City, Nestor, North Island, North Park, Ocean Beach, Oceanside, Ostrich Farms, Otay, Pacific Beach, Palomar, Park Boulevard, Pauma Valley, Presidio, Pine Hills, Pine Valley, Point Loma, Potrereo, Poway, Ramona, Rancho Bernardo, Rancho De Los Penasquitos, Rancho Santa Fe, Reynard Way, Rose Canyon, San Marcos, San Pasqual Valley, San Ysidro, Santa Ysabel, Santee, Scripps Institute of Oceanography, Shelter Island, Solana Beach, Sorrento, Spring Valley, Sunset Cliffs, Sweetwater Valley, Temecula, Torrey Pines, University Ave., Valley Center, Vista, Warners Springs, Witch Creek, and Young Caves. Note: The Title Insurance Collection, the San Diego History Center Negative Collection, the Original Print Collection, all of the named collections, and to a lesser extent, the San Diego Union-Tribune collection form the nucleus of the Print Reference Book Collections.

C2. San Diego Union-Tribune Photograph Collection, 1912-1981. 100 ft. Early 1950s to 1981 are arranged numerically and chronologically. Pre 1950 images are cataloged by subject and filed numerically. Two 'people' collections are filed alphabetically. The collection documents the daily news photography of the San Diego Union-Tribune. The collection includes a wide range of city, county, regional and national events with large files on people, sports, shipping, and a variety of daily events. Included are 35mm and 4x5 glass, and film based negatives. Subjects include business, accidents, animals, adult and children's organizations, associations and clubs; U.S. military, awards, Balboa Park, sports (local football and baseball and nationally known athletes), labor, state and local government, aviation, crime and the legal system, horses, La Jolla, Mexico, San Diego neighborhoods, San Diego County localities, schools, railroads, ships, hospitals/health care, architecture, transportation, strikes, housing, marine life, women, water, houses, and many more. Gift of San Diego Union-Tribune.

C3. Title Insurance Photograph Collection, 1870-1979. 150,000 items. Arranged numerically. Collected by the Union Title Insurance Company, later Title Insurance and Trust, and by curators Larry and Jane Booth, this collection consists of original negatives, glass plates and copy or duplicate negatives. Used to document San Diego's commercial, civic, and personal history and to compile an image bank of property in San Diego, the collection was donated to SDHC in 1979. This segment of negatives consists largely of the images by professional photographers in San Diego but also includes separate and miscellaneous donations. Photographers include W.E. Averette, Larry Booth, Herbert Fitch, Parker & Parker, Lee Passmore, F.E. Patterson, Guy Sensor, J.A. Sherriff, San Diego Union-Tribune photographers, and others. Subjects include but are not limited to San Diego prominent and ordinary citizens, street scenes, buildings, businesses, organizations, civic events, aerial views, landscape, railroads, ships, harbors, agriculture, aircraft industry, vehicles, residences, churches and schools. More specific subjects include the Hotel del Coronado, U.S. Grant Hotel, mining, trolleys, hospitals, rowing clubs, retail businesses, tidelands, ranches, mountains, missions, expositions, courthouses and county offices, banks, the Horton House, theaters, dams, Balboa Park, fire department, aviation, bridges, fairs, floods, breweries, U.S. President visits, Charles Lindbergh, dirigibles, the military and many more. There are also images of every area in San Diego, San Diego County, Tijuana and elsewhere. The 'S' section of this collection which is described separately consists of photographs by Walter Averette and Larry Booth. Accessible mostly through San Diego Photographic Print Reference Books. Gift of Union Title Insurance Trust Company.

C4. San Diego History Center Negative Collection, 1870-present. 100 ft. This series consists mostly of copy negatives, duplicate negatives, original negatives and some glass plates acquired or accessioned by SDHC between 1979 and the present. The images document San Diego and surrounding areas in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Included are 4x5, 8x10, 35mm film and glass plate negatives including original and copy negatives from SDHC prints, loaned images and other sources. Subjects include but are not limited to aviation, U.S. military, residences, water, transportation, ships, parades & public events, ranches, hotels, theaters, automobiles, breweries, harbor, railroads, animals, the desert, floods, people, downtown, fire department, dams, art, and many others. More specific subjects include Jessop & Son employees, Coronado Tent City, Palomar Observatory, Balboa Park, IWW riots, Serra Museum, Horton Plaza, U.S. Grant Hotel, Old Town, President Franklin D. Roosevelt's visit to San Diego (1938), World War II day of surrender (V-J Day 1945), Native Americans, Italians, and many others. Areas mentioned include all neighborhoods in San Diego, Julian, Pacific Beach, La Jolla, Escondido, Del Mar, Mission Bay, Mission Beach, Mission Valley, Lemon Grove, National City, downtown, back country, Campo, Tijuana/Baja California, Alpine, Point Loma, Otay, Imperial Valley, Rancho Santa Fe, Warners Hot Spring, Mesa Grande, Bonita, El Cajon, and many other places. Related segments of this collection are not included in this description despite being a part of a similar accession numbering sequence. Those collections have descriptions of their own. A good portion of this collection is accessible through the SDHC Print Reference Books. A card index is available. Material is listed in SDHC Negative Logs.

C5. San Diego History Center Original Print Collection, 1870-present. 30ft. Organized numerically. Divided by size. This collection consists of original prints taken by commercial or individual photographers. The collection contains 4x5, 8x10 and other sized prints including oversized and cabinet cards, carte de visites, other matted formats, snapshots and other types of prints. Some of the original prints have corresponding negatives in the various Negative Collections. Subjects include San Diego harbor views, people, groups, schools, animals, businesses, organizations, parades, railroads, ships, ferries, streets, women, automobiles, the U.S. Navy and other military branches, mines, lakes, the Fire Department, flumes, rowing clubs, colleges and universities, hospitals, camping, theaters, aviation, hotels, theaters, banks, churches, dams, bathhouses, residences, skyline views, signs, ranches, buses, bands, agriculture, fire departments, fairs, photographers, floods, missions, artifacts, sports, schools, post offices, police departments, music, labor unions, art, restaurants, and fishing boats. More specific subjects include: Ku Klux Klan, World War II in San Diego, Native Americans, U.S. Presidents, San Diego Zoo, Baja Insurrection (1911), Balboa Park, Horton Plaza, Old Town, Fort Rosecrans, Hotel Del Coronado, Coronado Tent City, IWW, San Diego Electric Railroad, Point Loma Theosophical Society, Coca Cola, Southwest Onyx, and Camp Kearny. Areas represented include Ocean Beach, El Cajon, Mission Valley, Tijuana, Del Mar, Poway, La Jolla, Mission Bay, Mission Beach, Cuyamaca, San Ysidro, Campo, Escondido, Julian, Pacific Beach, Coronado, La Mesa, National City, Mt. Helix, Oceanside, Spring Valley, Cuyamaca, Mt. Springs, Otay, Lakeside, Grossmont, Alpine, Torrey Pines, and elsewhere. Larger collections are not included in this description despite being a part of a similar accession numbering sequence. Those collections have descriptions of their own. Most of this collection is accessible through the SDHC Print Reference Books. A card index is available. Material is listed in SDHC Original Print Logs.

C6. Ames Color Publishers Photograph Collection, 1950-1984. 2ft. 1996/019. Documents the work of this Escondido postcard and brochure publisher. The collection consists of negatives, color transparencies, work order materials, postcards, Christmas cards, brochures, stationary and other work. Postcards and other published materials of beach hotels, restaurants, churches, real estate agencies, mobile home park, hospitals, and other businesses in San Diego, El Cajon, Spring Valley, Santee, Lakeside, Alpine, Coronado, Imperial Valley, Chula Vista and elsewhere. Specific clients include Sharp Hospital, Lon Novios 'Chapel of Sweethearts,' Mission San Luis Rey, Shelter Island Inn, Lakeside Community Church, La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club, UCSD, Scripps Hospital, and the Benedictine Convent.

C7. Elden Anderson Photograph Collection, 1940s. 39 negatives. This collection documents Balboa Park and its visitors (ca. 1940). Included are negatives of children, women, and men doing various Park related activities.

C8. Argall Family Photograph Collection, ca. 1914-1950s. .5 ft. This collection consists of prints, photograph albums, postcards, carte de visites, cabinet cards, and other images. Documents the Argall family and scenes around San Diego. Subjects include La Jolla Cove, a rodeo, men hunting, Pepper Grove at Balboa Park, people rowing boats, sunrise services at Mt. Helix, a car on Palomar Mountain, a line of cars in snow near Descanso, Potrero Grade waterfall, lake near Campo, early highway bridge, family gravestones in England, San Diego Bay, Pala Mission, La Jolla school (1906), parade in front of courthouse, Torrey Pines, Spreckels Organ pavilion, girls dressed as Indians, ocean bathers/swimmers, Cuyamaca Lake, staff picnic'San Diego Public Library, San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park, Old Town and many others. Some of the earlier photographs were taken by Clausen Photographs.

C9. Jose Aguirre Family Photograph Collection, 1930s-1940s. Approx. 45 items. This collection consists mostly (or apparently) of studio portraits of the Jose Aguirre family and other Mexican-American families. Also includes family/group photographs, portraits of children and girls in communion dresses, weddings, an army group, a fresh graveside covered with flowers and 2 large colorized oval photoprints. Includes the work of San Diego studio photographers such as Hartsook, Gainsborrough, Maxwell, Bennette Studios, Melvin H. Sykes, Alice Whitney Smith and others. Also photographs by Foto Mena, Elizondo. Gift of Thomas B. Moon.

C10. Asian/Chinese Photograph Collections, 1880s-1960s. ca. 300 photographs. See Print Reference Books and accessions: 79:346; 82:14017-14037; 82:14050- 14057; 82: 14167-14182,84; 83:14470; 84:15261; 85:15346-49; 85:15422-15438; 85:15526; 85:15698; and other accessions. This collection documents Chinese immigrants, Chinese-Americans, and other Asians in San Diego. Included are scattered photographs from various accessions. Subjects include aviation, parades, the Chinese Community Mission (many groups), Chinese ships or junks (on-board or views), businesses (fancy goods stores, laundries, restaurants, butcher shops, and fortune tellers), sports teams, dinner groups, a Boy Scout troop, occupations (railroad work, agriculture, food service); and the Hall of China at the 1935 Balboa Park Exposition. Some images of an opium pipe. Photographs of people include individual men, women, and children; school groups, and members of the Quan, Ah Quin, and Hom, families and many others.

C11. DeGraff Austin Photograph Collection, 1948-1970. .25 ft. San Diego County Supervisor. Photographs of ceremonies, banquets, groundbreakings, parades, meetings, openings, ribbon cuttings, and other events throughout San Diego County. Includes photographs of prominent politicians, community leaders and military brass and the opening of Campo & Julian Parks in 1967. Subjects include Martin Luther King at an event; the opening of the Southeast Health Center with prominent African-Americans; first annual San Diego Urban League meeting, an event with Gregory Peck, various county commissioners, county summer camps for kids, and the County Dairy Princess.

C12. Walter Averette Photograph Collection, 1920s-1940s. Approx. 5000? Originals--S1-S1250 and throughout the Union Title Trust Collection; Duplicate negatives-- 80:5394-5434; 80:5504-5857; 80:5959-5980; 80:6078-6079; 80:6086-6148; 80:6988-6992; 80:6946-6992. Also see PA 63, 89, 99, 109, 110, 111, 112, and 130. This collection documents the work of San Diego commercial photographer Walter Averette. The collection contains original glass plates, duplicate negatives and some prints. Subjects include Balboa Park, San Diego Harbor, ships, beaches, military, lakes, schools, the San Diego Zoo, Spanish dancers, aviation, San Diego Mission, USS Bennington Monument, 'Ramona's Marriage Place', automobiles, Sutherland's Tijuana stages, San Diego State College, Franklin D. Roosevelt in car, bridge construction, Barrett dam, Hotel Florence, camera & equipment, USS Constitution, submarines, avocado groves, and many other subjects. Areas include: Laguna Mountains, La Jolla, Pine Valley, Point Loma, Del Mar, Grossmont, and many other areas.

C13. Norman Baynard Photograph Collection, 1940s-1970s. 12,574 negatives. Ca.1000 prints. Arranged numerically. Norman Baynard (Mansour Abdullah) was a San Diego photographer specializing in portraits and events. This collection documents the work of Baynard and to a large extent the African- American community in San Diego between the 1940s and the 1970s. The collection consists of 2x3 and 4x5 black and white and color negatives and approximately 1000 small prints. Images include individual and group portraits, residences, businesses, street scenes, churches, weddings, sports, clubs, political or civic functions, funerals, weddings, Masonic/Eastern Star organizations and Black Muslim groups. Images of businesses include furniture stores, grocery stores, fashion modeling, auto supply stores, mortuaries, barbershops, hotels, upholstery shops, liquor stores, restaurants and other businesses. Church groups in the images are singing in choirs or groups, dining, participating in communion, and other ceremonies at Baptist, Methodist, African Methodist Episcopal, Seventh Day Adventists and other churches. Sports images include baseball teams and other activities. Club activities documented include dining, dancing, fashion events, charity events and award ceremonies at clubs such as the Eagles Lodge, Loyal Buddies Veterans Group, Masons, Elks Lodge, Les Corpis Club and others. Political or civic groups represented include USO Club groups, the JFK Democratic Club, and the Girl Scouts. Entertainment images include dancers, dining, singers, musical groups, and bands. Masonic/Eastern Star images include several lodges, Masonic groups, officers, uniforms, and insignia. Muslim organization images at the Mohammed's Mosque and elsewhere include Mosque members, officers, weddings and other events. Funeral images include bodies of men, women, and children and the actual services. Weddings include the bride, groom, ceremony and wedding parties. Also included are miscellaneous images of hairstyles, various certificates, wrecked automobiles, and copies of military discharge papers. Baynard's portraits of individuals and families include but are not limited to the following names: Adams, Albretten, Alexander, Allen, Allison, Amos, Anderson, Andrews, Armstrong, Austin, Bailey, Baker, Banks, Barnes, Barron, Batie, Baynard, Bell, Bennett, Blake, Booker, Boyd, Bradford, Brooks, Brown, Byrant, Butler, Campbell, Carter, Cook, Cooper, Crawford, Curry, Daniels, Davis, Dixon, Edwards, Ford, Foster, Fowler, Franklin, Garcia, Green, Griffin, Hall, Hamilton, Harris, Hawkins, Hayes, Henderson, Hendrix, Henry, Hill, Howard, Jackson, Jefferson, Jenkins, Johnson, Jones, Lee, Lewis, Logan, Long, Lopez, Mack, Martin, Miller, Mills, Mitchell, Montgomery, Moore, Morris, Nelson, Pitts, Price, Reed, Reynolds, Richardson, Roberts, Robinson, Rodriquez, Ross, Russell, Salazar, Sampson, Scott, Session, Smith, Taylor, Thomas, Thompson, Torres, Turner, Walker, Washington, Watson, Wells, White, Williams, Wilson, Wright, and Young. Item level finding aid exists.

C14. W. Beuthel Miniature Stereoviews Collection, ca. 1925-1937. 300 stereoviews. Consists of miniature stereoviews of San Diego and elsewhere apparently taken by W. Beuthel. Subjects include the Balboa Park Expositon (1935), the Port of San Diego, Broadway in San Diego, a circus parade, Hotel Del Coronado, Mission Beach (boating and beach), parachute jumpers, railroads, ships (masted), ships (U.S. Navy), tuna fleet, San Diego Zoo and other images. Gift of Bill Colvin and Dave Wiener.

C15. Harry Bishop Photograph Collection, 1920s-1960s. 6 ft. San Diego Union photographer. This collection includes prints and some negatives. Other negatives are with the Union Tribune Collection. Subjects include San Diego aerials, animals, automobiles, aviation (wrecks), beach scenes, buildings, businesses, ceremonies, churches, crime (money, suspects, murder), dams, disasters, Fiesta del Pacifico, fires, highways, lakes, military, missions, organizations, parades, people (U.S. Presidents), schools, ships, sports (sports fishing and boating), women (some modeling with appliances), and the San Diego Zoo. Areas include Anza-Borrego, back country, Baja California, Tijuana, Balboa Park, the Laguna Mountains, and elsewhere.

C16. Larry Booth/Tolle Company Photograph Collection, 1946-1951. Approx. 4000 negatives. Documents photography of Larry Booth while he worked for the Tolle Company Advertising Agency in the late 1940s. This collection consists of negatives showing San Diego area businesses, construction projects, organizations, people, places, private homes, ships including marine repair and construction, wedding portraits, and other subjects. Images include dry cleaners, automobile dealers, grocery stores, banks, music stores, dairies, furniture stores, department stores, churches, hospitals, theaters, and others. Businesses represented include: Al Hart distilleries, California Electric Works, City Chevrolet, Caroll Engraving, Borgen Music Store, Cordrey Machine Shop, Crown TV, DeFalco's Market, El Cajon Savings Bank, El Cortez Hotel, Farmers Market, Fisherman's Wharf, Foreman & Clark, Hages Diary, Johnson-Saum Mortuary, Judy's Furniture Stire, KarValet, Keith's Drive-In, Klauber-Wagenheim, KUSN, La Jolla Farms, Lane Apartments, McAdams Co., McMahon's Furniture, Oscar's Drive-In, Palomar Laundry, Piggly Wiggly, Royal Farms Dairy, San Diego Gas & Electric, San Diego Packing, San Diego Poultry, Southern Equipment Co., Sperry Gyroscope, Standard Iron Works, and Whiting-Mead. Commercial ship companies or subjects include Driscoll Brothers Boat Works, fishing boats, Lynch Shipyard, Harbor Boat & Yacht Club, U.S. Navy ships, Walker-Polls-Miller (insurance inspector), and metalizing a ship. Organizations include Al Bahr Shrine, Christian Science Church, Chula Vista Hospital, Globe Theater, Junior Chamber of Commerce, La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club, the National Guard, Republican Women, San Diego Employees Association, Symphonette Musicians. Places photographed include Borrego, Coronado, Chula Vista, Del Mar, El Cajon, Encinitas, Escondido, Julian, La Jolla, La Mesa, Leucadia, Lemon Grove, Mexico, Muirlands, National City, Oceanside, Otay, Pacific Beach, Point Loma, Rancho Santa Fe, and San Diego. Miscellaneous images include an air ray gun, an avocado bowl, Nox-all products, a model reeled from water by fishermen, water-skiing, gliders, Mr. Lodges building and school and many other images.

C17. Larry Booth Union Title Insurance Photograph Collection, 1951-1964, 1974. Approx. 9000 images. S2007-S10065. This collection documents the activities of the Union Title Trust Insurance Company and was used to illustrate articles in Union Title Trust Topics (1946-1962) a company produced magazine that promoted the San Diego area. Contains original negatives by Larry Booth and some duplicate negatives. Subjects include highways, schools, residences, Balboa Park, the Union Title Trust building, real estate offices, Old Town, Union Title employees, downtown San Diego, tuna fishing, mining, museums, employee Christmas parties, schools and colleges, Sears Roebuck, San Diego Zoo, Dwight Eisenhower (1952), Richard Nixon (1952), and Adlai Stevenson (1952), courthouse interiors, conventions, San Diego harbor, Frank Forward, insurance groups, bridges, U.S. Marine Corps at Camp Pendleton, Republicans, street scenes, the YMCA, Sutherland dam, bullfights, Bank of America, San Diego Trust & Savings Bank, baseball and many other topics. Areas include Alpine, La Jolla, Point Loma, Oceanside, Mission Beach, El Cajon, Carlsbad, Del Mar, East San Diego, La Mesa, Escondido, Coronado, Lemon Grove, National City, Borrego, Encinitas, Lakeside, Chula Vista, Clairemont, Magnolia Downs, Fallbrook, Cuyamaca and many other places. Includes many aerial views of the San Diego area. Many of these images are printed and available in Photograph Reference Books.

C18. Helen Tulloch Bowles 'Jitney Jane' Photograph Collection, 1920s. .5 ft. Early female bus driver in Southern California. Photograph albums mostly of road trips made by Helen Tulloch Bowles. Photographs document trips throughout San Diego County and California including Cuyamaca, Julian, Laguna Mountains, Banner, Eureka, the redwoods, and elsewhere. Also pictures of a horseback ride at Descanso (1926), cars and jitneys Bowles drove, Torrey Pines, Sunset Cliffs, Encinitas, La Mesa, and cactus at the Papago Reservation. Includes a typescript with photographs of a 200 mile trip on horseback through San Diego area mountains.

C19. Brewery Slide Collection. 1870-1943. 65 slides. This collection of slides was created for presentations documents breweries in San Diego area. Included are Aztec Brewing Co., San Diego Brewing Co., Mission Brewery, saloons, bars, wholesale companies, and other images. Many of the images were copied from Guy Sensor photographs. A list exists.

C20. Andreas Brown Postcard/Photograph Collection, 1880s-1970s. 10ft. This collection consists of several thousand postcards, photographs, photograph albums and other materials collected by Andreas Brown, a New York City bookstore owner and historian. Also includes several photographs by Harold A. Taylor. The postcard collection subjects include: apartments, arcades, aviation, back country, Balboa Park, baseball stadiums, churches, Consolidated Aircraft, dams, Del Mar Racetrack, ferries, flowers/trees, hospitals, Native Americans, Lawrence Welk Resort, Lindbergh Field, Camp Callan, Fort Rosecrans, Camp Kearny, USS Bennington, U.S. Marines, U.S. Navy Ships, U.S. Naval Training Center, U.S. Naval Hospital, mausoleums, Mission San Diego, Mission San Luis Rey, Old Globe Theater, Old Town, Ostrich Farm, Paradise Valley Hospital, people, residences, Santa Fe Railroad Station, schools, San Diego High School, San Diego State College, University of San Diego, UCSD, hotels, San Diego Stadium, restaurants, San Diego waterfront, San Diego Bay, San Diego buildings, Mme. Schumann-Heink residences, ships, Sweetwater Dam, transportation and zoo. Locations of postcards include: Borrego, Bostonia, Campo, Cardiff, Carlsbad, Chula Vista, Coronado, Coronado Islands-Baja California, Del Mar, Descanso, Dulzura, El Cajon, Elsinore, Encinitas, Escondido, Fallbrook, Gilman Hot Springs, Golden Hills, Grossmont, Imperial Beach, Imperial County, Jacumba, Jamul, Julian, Laguna, La Jolla, Lake Henshaw, Lower Lake Otay, Lake Poway, Lake Wohlford, Lakeside, La Mesa, Lemon Grove, Leucadia, Mesa Grande, Miramar, Mission Beach, Mission Valley, National City, Ocean Beach, Oceanside, Pacific Beach, Pala, Poway, Palomar, Pine Valley, Point Loma (Lighthouses, Theosophical Society, Fort Rosecrans), Rancho Bernardo, Rancho Santa Fe, San Juan Capistrano, Santee, San Ysidro, Sunset Cliffs, Temecula, Tijuana (bars, border, bullfights), Torrey Pines, Vista, and Warner's Hot Springs. Also includes photo albums, cabinet cards, stereo views, tourist pamphlets and other materials. Photo albums mostly by Harold A. Taylor, photographer. Also report of Civilian Conservation Corps at the California-Pacific Exposition, 1935-1936; and 'John D. Spreckels and Railroad' history scrapbook.

C21. Barbara Jean/Burlesque Theater Photograph Collection, 1940-1963. 55 photographs. 81:12735 & 94: 19326. Reference book available. This collection contains copy negatives mostly of 1950s burlesque/vaudeville/striptease acts at the Hollywood Theater, 314 F. Street, San Diego. Includes photographs of theater cast in a bar, men and women dancers/singers, and striptease acts. Theater sets include a Reno Depot set, a sailors & carousel set, a Richfield (Gas Station?) set, a jungle set, a gambling set, and an SS Hollywood set. Headliner acts included Barbara Jean & Bozo Lord. Other cast members included Kansas City Kitty, Spaghetti Joe, Lucy Lord, Ginger Kay, Curly Morgan, Slats Taylor, Eddie Lyle, Bubbles, and Sexy Rexy. Sailors make up most of the audience in the theater.

C22. California-Pacific Exposition 1935 Photograph Collection, 1935-1936 approx. 590 images. 86:15760 (0-29) & 86:15761 (0-560) This collection consists of negatives of the 1935 California-Pacific Exposition in Balboa Park. Includes activities at the Exposition and buildings in the Park including renderings of interiors and exteriors of some of the buildings not constructed. Buildings include the Art Museum, House of Charm, California Tower, Organ Pavilion, Palace of Electricity, Palace of Photography, Indian Building, Ford Building, Japanese Tea Pavilion, and others.

C23. California-Pacific Exposition 1935 Photograph Collection 1935-1936. Original prints and copy negatives. Documents the 1935 California Pacific Exposition in Balboa Park. Subjects include animals including elephants and zebras, midget activities, nudist colony (daily activities and robot visit), Gold Gulch, Rodeo, Ford Building, automobiles, murals, dioramas, people in uniforms, dancers, people in Spanish uniforms, Olsen & Johnson show, Sally Rand, aerialists & trapeze artists, Old Globe Theater, bicyclists, antique cars, Fine Arts Gallery, enchanted land figurines, Spanish Village, California Building, contests (beauty, cracker-eating, whittling, babies, roller skating), polo match, track meet, various exhibits and a rodeo.

C24. Calvary Cemetery'Pioneer Park Photograph Collection, 1970. 642 prints. OP 1303 (0-650). This collection contains photographs of historic or commemorative monuments and gravestone monuments at Calvary Cemetery in San Diego. Includes views of cemeteries and gravestones of prominent citizens. Also military headstones and slides of Memorial Day, 1970. Family names include but are not limited to: Machado, Couts, Podesta, Summers, Warnock, Patterson, Barrett, Clark, Scally, Colton, McConville, McNamara, Bogan, Carbrillo, Gassen, Winter, Connors, Kerren, Hollenbeck, Cassen, Carrillo, Ames, Arguello, Stewart, Romero, and Wheat. Also includes many early Italian families in San Diego including Bernardino and Mosto.

C25. Camp Callan Photograph Collection, 1938-1941. 136 images. 81:9285. OP 6579-6715. Documents activities and buildings at Camp Callan, a World War II Army camp located near La Jolla. Includes original prints and copy negatives for most prints. Also see Photographic Reference Books. Subjects include construction work, barracks, draftees, church offices, medical inspections, rifle range, vehicles, canteen, payday (lines of men), troops marching, parade formation, troops arriving on trains, classes, draftees at roller rink, artillery emplacements, training, and obstacle course.

C26. Cartwright Aerial Survey East County Aerials Photograph Collection, 1963. 0.5 ft. Aerial survey of eastern and rural San Diego County photographed by Cartwright Aerial Surveys of Sacramento.

C27. Pliny Castanian Photograph Collection, 1890s-1980s. 2 ft. This collection contains research files collected by Pliny Castanian, police reporter and Police Dept. Historian. Subjects include department facilities, parades, swat teams, traffic officers, motorcycle officers, police chiefs, horse patrol, 1984 McDonalds Massacre, anti-Vietnam War demonstration, and auxiliary police squad (1942-1946). Also many images of individual police officers and administration.

C28. Florence Christman Photograph Collection, 1890s-1980s. .25 ft. This collection consists of personal slides, prints and photograph albums. Included are images of San Diego, Palomar, and Balboa Park. The collection also includes personal, family, and vacation photographs. Also photograph albums of Kansas, Omaha, Nebraska (nursing school), and Oregon.

C29. San Diego (Calif.): City Planning Commission Aerial Photograph Collection, 1950s- 1960s. 2587 negatives. 120 prints. 92:18835. Documents the development of San Diego during the 1950s and 1960s. Consists of copy negatives and some prints. Includes aerial images (high and low altitude) of most areas of San Diego. This includes shopping centers, institutions, golf courses, intersections of major streets, downtown buildings, and many other subjects. Areas include: Del Mar, San Diego Harbor, San Ysidro, Hillcrest, Balboa Park, Lindbergh Field, Convair Plant, Mission Valley (rock crushing),Allied Gardens, Cowles Mountain, downtown, East San Diego, Coronado, Grantville, Naval hospital, Cabrillo Heights, Montgomery Field, Camp Elliott, San Diego (west), Linda Vista, Santee, General Dynamics, Kearny Mesa, Clairemont, La Jolla, Torrey Pines, La Mesa, Spring Valley, Lemon Grove, Los Penasquitos, Midway area, Naval Training Center, Mission Beach, Highway 101, Balboa Avenue, Morena area, North Park, Normal Heights, Chollas Reservoir, Silver Strand, South Bay/Imperial Beach, Tijuana border, 10th St. Pier, Golden Hill, USCD, Sorrento Valley, Mission Hills, Pacific Beach, and Sweetwater Valley.

C30. Concrete Ship Photograph Collection, 1943-1945. 75 prints. This collection contains interior, exterior, construction, crew, and the christening ceremony relating to a concrete ship built in San Diego.

C31. San Diego Convention and Tourist Bureau Collection, 1950s-1960s. 3ft. This collection documents the activities the San Diego Convention and Tourist Bureau. The photographs were used to publicize San Diego. Subjects include agriculture, Balboa Park, Ballast Point, beach scenes, Borrego Desert, businesses, Cabrillo National Monument, Carriso Gorge, beach scenes with female models in bikinis, Cuyamaca State Park, El Cajon (El Monte Park), events (whale watching, Portugese Festival, Fiesta Del Pacifica etc.), San Diego County Fair (model with kids on a ferris wheel), Coronado ferry, commercial tuna fishing, fishing, golf course, hotels, Julian, La Jolla, Mexico (bullfighting, horse racing etc.), military (Navy), Missions, Mission Bay, museums, Oceanside, Old Town, Palomar Observatory, Sports Arena, Civic Center, coastal scenes, Sunset Cliffs, harbor excursions, Sea World, Scripps Aquarium, Shelter Island, aerials, sports, water sports, transportation, Torrey Pines, and the San Diego Zoo.

C32. Jack Crawford Photograph Album Collection, 1915-1925. 3 photograph albums. San Diego and military photographer. The collection consists of photograph albums. Subjects include Balboa Park (1915-1925); Camp Kearny (Veteran's Hospital); Suncrest campsite (San Diego County); San Diego Municipal Wharf; Fallbrook, Ca.; Coronado, Ca., (dance hall, tent city, Sugar Loaf, outdoor plunge); Jack Crawford and his wife; Melones Camp, ca. (1923); Yosemite Valley, Ca.; Santa Rosa, Ca.; and Eberts Field, Lonoke, Ark (1918); and a non-San Diego Veterans Hospital.

C33. Convair Photograph Collection, 1930s-1950s. .5ft. 1996/042. San Diego based aircraft company (Consolidated Aircraft Corporation/Consolidated Vultee). This collection documents the activities of the San Diego Convair plant mostly during World War II. The collection contains mostly prints but also some negatives. Subjects include airplane assembly, World War II camouflage over Pacific Highway, airplane pilots, aircraft carriers, ships in port, expansion of Convair plant, Convair executives, a U.S. Treasury Bond ceremony with Ginger Rogers, Wee-Bee one man airplane, women workers, and many other subjects.

C34. Daguerreotype/Ambrotype/Tintype/Cased Photograph Collection, 1840s-1910s. 2 ft. Approx. 100 of the cased images are cataloged and another 100, mostly uncased, are not cataloged. This collection of various cased and uncased daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, and tintypes includes of portraits of San Diego residents, and their pioneer relatives from the Eastern U.S. Included are portraits of men, women, children, groups of children, groups of women, babies, children and parents, and Civil War soldiers. Some cases have double portraits. Among the individuals identified in this collection are: Joseph S. Rainford, Alonzo Horton, Lydia Knapp Horton, Lucy Jane Horton Bowers, Maria Antonia Dorothea Snook, Alvarado family members, Eliza Jane Forster Copeland, Hanna Whitney Topliff, Charles C. Fremont & Jessie Benton Fremont, Jessie Wood, Emma Matilda Hunt Wood, Calvin Maples Wood, Jose Manuel Stewart and many others. Also includes a miniature album of tintype portraits with many identified young people (1870s), and a tintype from Coronado Tent City (1905) and one of covered wagons. Many of the cased photographs are missing the cover of the original casing.

C35. Dauchy-Thieme Family Photograph Collection, 1880s-1940s. .25 ft. The collection includes family portraits, pen and ink prints of the Civil War, and photograph albums. Documents the Dauchy-Thieme families. Subjects include a GAR Reunion at Balboa Park (1932), Warner Hot Springs, Jim Hee's Ladies Underwear Store and many others. Collection consists of loose items and Photograph Albums 139,140,141 & 142.

C36. Edward H. Davis Photograph Collection, ca. 1904-1940. ca.5000 images. OP 12550, OP 13029, OP 14961, OP 15362. 86:15752, 86:15960, 86:15980, 87:16080, 88:17050. Edward H. Davis (1862-1951) was a San Diego County photographer and innkeeper. This collection documents the life and artifacts of Native Americans of San Diego County, Riverside County, Northern Baja California, and Arizona. Davis ran the Powam Lodge in Mesa Grande and throughout his life he documented the lives of Native Americans throughout the Southwest. Included are original prints, duplicate negatives, reference books, and photographs of drawings from Davis' journals. Among the tribes Davis photographed, studied and wrote about were the Luiseno, Cahuilla, Diegueno, Campo, Cocopah, Papago, Apache, Yuma, Seri, Yaqui, Pima, Maricopa, Hualapai, Kiliwa, and Comey. Also images at several Indian Reservations including Pechanga Reservation, Cahuilla Reservation, Ricon Reservation and Turo Reservation. Photographs were taken at Mesa Grande, the desert, Encinitas, Descanso, San Luis Rey, San Diego harbor, Campo, Warner Ranch, Lost Valley, Palomar, Palomar Mountain, Julian, Jamul and elsewhere. The SDHC Research Archives maintains the journals of his travels. Subjects include portraits of individuals and groups of men, women and children; Native Americans weaving baskets, using ollas (bowls), pounding food; cemeteries and funerals during day and night; Native American ceremonies; Davis and his family; residences or dwellings, groups including families, cattlemen and others, Chief Yellow Sky; Powam Lodge; rural mountain, lake, and ocean scenes, San Diego scenes; Native Americans in Arizona (especially the Yuma area) and Mexico. A partial listing exists.

C37. Antony Di Gesu Photograph Collection, 1950s-1980s. 20 ft. La Jolla and New York City portrait photographer. This collection consists mostly of color prints and negatives. Included are portraits of prominent authors, playwrights, statesmen (Portraits for Peace'United Nations Ambassadors from around the world, 1960s), actors, musicians, actors, scientists, corporate executives and other individuals from New York, San Diego and elsewhere. The photographs were used by the individuals in the portraits, for magazine covers (Saturday Review, 1962-1967), record album covers, and other uses. The portraits were also occasionally exhibited. Also included is one photograph album. Di Gesu did most of his New York work in the 1950s and 1960s and his San Diego work after 1970. There are also portraits of orphans from a San Diego adoption agency, images from plays on Broadway and at the Old Globe Theater in San Diego, and La Jolla and San Diego community leaders. Portraits include but are not limited to: Dean Acheson (8/7/1967), Conrad Aiken (8/7/1967); Edward Albee (1/9/1965); Cleveland Amory, Paul Anka (10/27/1960), W.H. Auden (3/4/1966), Samuel Barber (8/9/1966), Irving Berlin, Theodore Bikel, Jacob Bronowski, Truman Capote (10/26/1965), Otis Chandler, Vicki Carr, Alistair Cooke, Norman Cousins, Willam DeKooning (1/5/1961), Di Gesu family, Melvyn Douglas, Elia Kazan (1/24/1967), Jules Feiffer(4/10/1969), Buckminster Fuller 2/15/1967), Theodore Geisel (Doctor Suess), John Gielgud and Irene Worth in Tiny Alice, Sen. Vance Hartke, Dr. Armand Hammer, Joseph H. Hirshhorn, Vladimir Horowitz (7/10/1962), Christopher Isherwood, Sam Jaffe, Elia Kazan, Alfred Knopf (1/13/1966), Joan Kroc, Joan and Ray Kroc, Max Lerner, Art Linkletter, Lotte Lenya (9/30/1966), Norman Mailer (1/15/1965), Bernard Malamud (7/14/1966), Tim Matheson, Archibald MacLeish (3/2/1967), Margaret Mead (10/9/1968), Marianne Moore (8/2/1966), Franklin Murphy, LeRoy Neiman, Geraldine Paige, I.M. Pei (3/2/1961), Harold Pinter (1/12/1967), Sen. Abraham Ribicoff, Philip Roth (1/23/1969), J.D. Salinger (11/20/1952), Dr. & Mrs. Jonas Salk, William L. Shirer (10/8/1969), Maureen Stapleton (1/10/1967), Maurice Steinmetz, Tom Stoppard, David Susskind (5/27/1964), Barbara Tuchman (10/19/1965), U Thant (7/12/1961), Peter Ustinov (6/14/1967), Andre Watts (5/22/1969), Theodore White (2/13/1965), Nicol Williamson, and Pete Wilson. Portraits of San Diego residents include but are not limited to: Legler Benbough, Mr. & Mrs. William Black, Anderson Borthwick, Clayton Brace, Tito Capobianco, Armistead Carter, Howard Chernoff, Helen Copley, James Copley, Jack Crumley, Jules & Ainie Danto, Sally Daugherty, Chas. Dear, Pauline Des Granges, Morarz Desai, Henrietta Detoy, Alice Di Gesu, James Ellis, William P. Elser, Peter Eros, Ruben H. Fleet, Kim Fletcher, Philip Gildred, Stewart Gildred, Morley Golden, Robert Golden, Agnes Golden and Esther Burnham, Dr. Brage Golding, Ernest & Jean Hahn, Robert Hale, Judge Harelson, Dr. Arthur E. Hughs, Bob Jackson, Eileen Jackson, Everett, Jackson, Sidney Jackson, Joseph Jessop Sr., John Keller, Keith, Jean & Janet Kellog, Philip Klauber, Kim Fletcher, Larry Lawence, Joy Ledford, Gordon Luce, John & William Lusk, Dr. William McElroy, Bishop Leo T. Maher, Edgar Marston, Jean Marston, Bob Martinet, David Miller, Floyd Morrow, Craig Noel, Maureen O'Connor, Mrs. Cornelius W. Owens, George Pardee, Gloria Penner, Dr. Vincent Pisani, Bishop Andre Renachio, Dr. Roger Revelle, Mrs. Stephan Rockefeller, Dr. Carl Rogers, Anne Roseman, Charles Scripps, Ed Scripps, Ellen Browning Scripps, James & Marian Scripps, Robert Scripps, Sam Scripps, Ed Self, Julius Summers, Mrs. Ken Unruh, Louis Untermeyer, Rep. Robert Wilson, Julius Zolezzi and many others.

C38. Antony Di Gesu Videotape Collection/The Artists, 1980s. 100 video tapes. This collection also includes video tapes of Di Gesu's weekly half-hour television show, 'The Artists' broadcast on KUSI-TV. There are approximately 100 tapes of shows.

C39. James E. Dillon Theater Publicity/Display Photographs, ca. 1900-1920. 1011 mostly 11x16 prints. James E. Dillon (1886-1972) was a San Diego theater actor and theater manager. This collection consists of publicity/display photographs of New York/Broadway theater casts that were coming to San Diego. Images include scenes from over 100 plays with actors and sets. Some of the plays include: Believe Me Nanette, Cave Girl, Cheating Cheaters, Country Cousin, Daddy Long Legs, Fortune Hunter, Get Rich Quick Wallingford, Good Gracious Annabelle, Here Comes the Bride, Little Women, Lover Route, Marrying Money, Naughty Wife, Nearly Married, Rose of the Rancho, Trail of the Lonesome Pine, Too Many Husbands, Which One Shall I Marry, Why Marry, Your Neigbor's Wife, and many others.

C40. Hans Doe and Margaret Doe Photograph Collection, 1890s-1970s. 441 prints. 128 negatives. Documents life, work with water issues, and family of Hans & Margaret Doe. Hans Doe was a resident of Vista, an avocado farmer and active in Republican politics. Photographs include avocado groves, aerial views of irrigation districts, aqueduct trip, barge construction, Knecht Ave. plant, barges at docks, tugboats, and the assembly of a plywood barge. Also photographs from the 1962 California Governor's race which include the Does, Richard Nixon, Pat Nixon, and 'the Nixonettes.'

C41. Downtown San Diego 1980 Photograph Collection 1980. 4 ft. This collection documents downtown San Diego in 1980. Includes prints in reference books and negatives. M. Jordan, Linda Deaton and others photographed the streets and buildings of San Diego. Areas include California, Columbia, Front, India, Kettner, Pacific Highway, State, Union, First, Third, Forth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, and Tenth streets. Images also show people on the streets in various clothing, hairstyles and automobiles. Subjects include the Santa Fe Railroad Depot, the Federal Building, skyscrapers, warehouses, tattoo parlors, hotels, construction, demolition, adult theaters/bookstores, bail bond advertisements, San Diego Trolley dedication with Pete Wilson, harbor scenes, restaurants and department stores.

C42. Early Photographic Print Collection: Subjects/places, 1870s-1970s. 8 cu. ft. Arranged alphabetically by subject or place. This collection documents the history of San Diego and surrounding areas in images between 1870 and the 1970s. Collection of photographic prints collected by SDHC prior to the 1970s. Includes 8x10, 4x5 and 5x7 prints, matted prints and other prints. Subjects include adobes, agriculture, apartments, artifacts, art work, automobiles, aviation, awards, bells, buildings, calligraphy, celebrations, cemeteries, costumes, documents, drawings, entertainment, events, exhibits, fairs, fire department, flags, floods, flowers, hotels, Native Americans, islands, Japanese, maps, military bases or camps, mines, missions, monuments, Mormons, mountains, organizations, parades, parks, photographers, Horton Plaza, railroads, ranches, Red Cross, roads, bay, scenery, streets, the San Diego Historical Society, schools, sheriff's department, ships, sports, stage station, street cars, theaters, towns & settlements, trails, trees, tuna industry, wagons & buggies, waters (dams, lakes, flumes, rivers), World War II, and the San Diego Zoo. Images of areas in San Diego and elsewhere include: Alpine, Arizona, Baja California, Ballena, Bonita, Campo, Chula Vista, Coronado, Cuyamaca, Del Mar, Descanso, El Cajon, Encinitas, Escondido, Fallbrook, Grossmont, Imperial County, Jacumba, Jamul, Julian, La Jolla, Lakeside, La Mesa, Lemon Grove, Los Angeles County, Mallorca (Spain), Mesa Grande, Mexico, Mission Valley, National City, Nestor, Nevada, Ocean Beach, Oceanside, Orange County, Otay, Pacific Beach, Palomar, Pine Valley, Point Loma, Point Arguello, Poway, Presidio, Ramona, Ranchos, Riverside County, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, San Ysidro, Temecula, Warner Springs, Witch Creek and Yuma. Originally referred to as Old SDHC Photo File. Complete name list is available.

C43. Early Photographic Print Collection: People, 1870s-1970s. 6 cu. ft. Arranged alphabetically by name. Documents late nineteenth and twentieth century citizens of San Diego and others. This collection consists mostly of portraits of people collected by the San Diego Historical Society prior to the 1970s. Included are 8x10, 4x5, 5x7 prints, cabinet cards, carte de visites, matted prints, and other sizes. Names include but are not limited to Adams, Alexander, Allen, Axman, Bailey, Baker, Bandini, Barnes, Bennett, Bosserman, Bowers, Brennan, William Jennings Bryan, Burton, Churchill, Cohen, Compton, Cotton, Couts, Cramer, Dannals, Davidson, Davis, Dawson, Derby, Dixon, Dodge, Donnelly, Dunnells, Earp, Wyatt Earp & Bat Masterson, Edwards, Ellis, Evans, Faivre, Ferris, Millard Fillmore, Fitch, Flinn, Floyd, Fox, Franklin, Frazee, John C. Fremont, Fuller, Gage, Gaston, Gilbert, Giles, Goodwin, Gould, U.S. Grant, Jr., Grant, Gregg, Hall, Hamilton, Harbison, Hazzard, Henderson, Hepner, Hill, Hinton, Hubbell, Jasper, Jennings, Johnson, Justice, Kearney, Klauber, Klicka, Knapp, Knox, La Monte, La Pointe, Lassator, Leng, Lewis, Littlepage, Lopez, Lounsberry, Lowe, Lusardi, Lyons, Marston, Martin, Mason, Miller, Mills, Mitchell, McKenzie, Nelson, Nichols, Parker, Paull, Portersfield, Puterbaugh, Reed, Robinson, Cliff Robertson, Eleanor Roosevelt, Russell, Savoy (relatives of Chief Iodine), Schiller, Scott, Scripps, Sherman, Sloane, Smith, Spreckels, Squires, Stedman, Stevenson, Stewart, Stone, Sullivan, Sutherland, Swycaffer, Taylor, Thomas, Thompson, Titus, Turner, Tweed, Walsh, Webber, Whitney, Williams, Winsby, Wood, Wright, and Young. Also includes a series of group images. Originally referred to as Old SDHC People File. Complete name list is available.

C44. Robert Eberhardt Photograph Collection, 1850-1985. 20ft. This collection documents San Diego's maritime history between the nineteenth century and mid-1980s. The collection contains black & white and color prints, motion picture reels, and aerial rolls. Includes many aerial images of the San Diego coastline from Tijuana to Oceanside. Subjects include scout cruisers, concrete tankers, work boats, fishery research vessels, maritime heraldry, Mission Bay, and the San Diego Rowing Club.

C45. Lt. Theodore G. Ellyson Photograph Collection, 1911-1912. Photographic print copy of 2 photo albums. This collection documents early flying efforts and U.S. Navy aviation. Photographs of specific airplane and pilots including the Glenn Curtiss school, North Island, Coronado Polo Grounds, hangars, hydro-aeroplanes, aviation meets, first aeroplane hoisted aboard ship, and Hotel Del Coronado with aeroplane above. Many non-San Diego photographs taken at airbase in Hammondsport, NY. Original album in Smithsonian collection in Admiral Verville's Collection.

C46. Harry A. (Jimmy) Erickson Photograph Collection, ca. 1931-1946. 1800 negatives. OP 16315. 79:741, 90: 18059. 24 reference books. Also see PA 115, 120, 127, 129, 202, and 203. Harry A. (Jimmy) Erickson was the first man to photograph San Diego from the air as early as 1911. This collection documents the development of San Diego by way of aerial photography. Includes high and low altitude photographs. Areas and subjects photographed include: Agua Caliente, Balboa Park, Broadway & B. Street Piers, Carlsbad, Chula Vista, San Diego Civic Center, Clairemont/Rose Canyon, Consolidated Aircraft, Corte Madera survey, Coronado/North Island, dams, Del Mar, Dutch Flats, El Cajon, downtown, East San Diego (Emerald Hills, Kensington, Talmadge), Encinitas, Escondido, Fallbrook/Vista, Fletcher Hills/Cowles Mountain, fleet Navy Ships at anchor, San Diego Bay (8th street to 32nd St.), Kearny Mesa, La Jolla, La Mesa/Mt. Helix, Linda Vista, Miramar mosaic, Mission Bay, Lindbergh Field, U.S. Coast Guard Station, Mission Valley, Morena, National City, Oceanside, Ocean Beach, Old Town/Presidio Park, Pacific Beach, Pala, Palomar, Paradise Valley, Point Loma, Presidio Hills, Ramona, Rancho Santa Fe, Rolando, San Pasqual Valley, San Ysidro, Shelter Island, snow aerials, Solana Beach, Sweetwater, Tijuana, Torrey Pines, and Valencia Park.

C47. Bea Evenson Balboa Park Preservation Photograph Collection, 1915-1935, ca.1958-1980. 292 original prints and negatives. 83:14652 (0-294) & OP 11206 (0-291). Balboa Park preservationist and Committee of 100 founding member. This collection includes photographs of the construction, deterioration and preservation of Balboa Park mostly during the late 1960s and throughout the 1970s. Subjects include Old Electric Building, sculptures, discarded sculptures, damage to Park structures, ornamentation, Old Cristobal Caf‚, Casa del Prado, Lily Pond, House of Hospitality, Museum of Man, Organ Pavilion and many others. Also photographs of Bea Evenson. Some photographs of the Park during the Panama- California Exposition of 1915 and the California-Pacific Exposition of 1935 Exposition including the Standard Oil exhibit and others.

C48. Wayne Fabert Photograph and Note Collection, 1870s-1890s. Research done 1970s. .5 ft. Collection of stereocards, cabinet cards, carte de visites, tintypes and other photographs relating to the San Diego area with emphasis on early San Diego and California photographers. This collection also includes notes on many San Diego and other photographers as well as biographical information on Lee Passmore, photographer and naturalist. Subjects include ostriches, desert/back country, San Diego flume, La Jolla Park, El Cajon Vineyard Co. Ranch, San Diego Courthouse, boundary monument at U.S 'Mexican border, Sweetwater Dam, coastal scenes, downtown San Diego, views of San Diego, and a horse advertising the San Diego Union. Several examples of cabinet cards by early California photographers. Photographers include J.E. Slocum, Judd, Rhea Brothers, Parker, and F.E. Bosworth. Also see five Reference Books entitled: 'San Diego 1870s.'

C49. Film & Stage Performers & Movie Stills Photograph Collection, 1930s. Approx. 80 images. This collection consists of movie stills and stage performers performing. Contains copy negatives. Stage performers include chorus girls, chorus men, 'girls' on bicycles, dance teams, midgets, a country band and country singers. Movie stills include images of movies for Welcome Home, Men Without Women, Lone Star Ranger, The Lawyers Secret, Sunny Side Up and many others. Actors pictured in the stills include Joan Blondell, George O'Brien, Spencer Tracy, and Harold Lloyd. An initial photograph in the collection by C.W. Fait of San Diego is a montage of actors entitled: 'Stars of the Stage Past & Present.'

C50. Herbert R. Fitch Photograph Collection, 1885-1936. Several thousand glass plates, original negatives, duplicate negatives and original prints. Herbert R. Fitch was a prolific and longtime San Diego photographer. Making up a large segment of the Title Insurance Photograph Collection (see Core Collections), Fitch photographed between the 1890s and 1940s. Some of the photographs attributed to Fitch may have been the work of earlier photographers whose work he purchased. Subjects include Balboa Park Exposition (1915), Mission Valley floods, army barracks, fire fighters, dams, buildings, businesses, Santa Fe Depot, bath houses, San Diego and Arizona Railroad and other railroads, groundbreaking ceremonies, Russ Lumber Co., street scenes, banks, hotels, Balboa Stadium, Escondido, Pacific Beach, Tijuana, and throughout San Diego County.

C51. Edward Fletcher Family and Water Photograph Collection, 1880s-1950s. .5 ft. Loose photographs, photograph albums, cabinet cards, copy negatives, and carte-de-visites. This group of photographs includes materials relating to the family of Edward Fletcher and to the work on various water projects in San Diego County in the early twentieth century. Included are the Carroll Dam (1917), Lake Hodges Dam, Pamo Dam site, pipeline on El Cajon Ave (1916), Cuyamaca Water System, Warner's Dam, shooting cement gun floom, hot spring at Warner's Hot Spring, and San Dieguito Dam (1918). Family photographs include Edward Fletcher's office, Edward Fletcher, gathering of Fletcher descendants, Congressman Charles Fletcher, and other images.

C52. Fletcher Family Collection, ca. 1911-1916. Approx. 290 images. Duplicate negatives from glass lantern slides. San Diego family and water resources developers. Images include Balboa Park, Southern National Highway car, downtown San Diego, IWW riot (labor), Warner's dam site, San Diego flood (1916), Lakeside flood, Roosevelt dam, lakes, dam, Sweetwater dam, construction workers, flumes and many other images.

C53. Frye & Smith Photograph Collection, 1930s-1950s. 5918 images. 89:17118 (1-1999). Partially arranged by subject. F.A. Frye and Charles A. Smith ran a San Diego printing company. This collection documents San Diego businesses, the 1935 Exposition, civic events, recreational activities and other subjects. Includes both aerials and ground images. Subjects include aviation, the Convair Plant, the back country, Balboa Park Exposition buildings and events, banks, beach scenes, boats, automobiles, auto dealers and service stations, construction companies, Crescent Wharf Warehouse Co., television sales and repair shops, medical supplies at the Complete Service Bureau, Dairy Mart milk bottlers, Hester & Smith printers, San Diego Gas & Electric, Sun Harbor (fish) Packing, Royal Palms Inn (Carlsbad), San Diego Civic Center, San Vicente Dam, Del Mar, commercial fishing, harbor, hospitals, hotels, La Jolla, medicine (artificial limbs), military, Coast Guard Air Station, Mission Bay, Mt. Helix, San Diego Chamber of Commerce, Cuyamaca Club (bar/lounge), La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club (water-skiers), Pacific Beach, people (at their desks), Presidio, police department, aerial views (downtown, El Cajon Blvd, Highway 163), and schools. Subjects of photographs not organized include: servicemen dancing, ostriches, TechNet Ginger Ale girl, elephants, animals, women in swimsuits throwing snowballs and holding lawn bowling balls (in San Diego), yachting (1940 boat regatta), Navy Relief Carnival (1941), Point Loma Lighthouse, Tijuana (automobiles at border and a "Marriage & Divorce" business), San Diego Sports Club, seaplanes, residences, surfing and water-skiing, Palomar Observatory and many other images. Listing of subjects. No listing of unprocessed materials.

C54. Walter Fulkerson Photograph/Theater Memorabilia Collection, ca. 1910-1930. 1 ft. This collection consists of photograph albums, news clippings, photographs and other ephemeral materials. This collection documents the activities of the Palmer Bros. & Fulkerson's Savoy Theater on Third Avenue in San Diego, which was home to the Savoy Players stock company and the Pantages Vaudeville Circuit. The scrapbook/photograph album (ca. 1910-1916) was created by Walter F. Fulkerson and consists of photographs of actors, actresses, scenes from plays, many women's chorus/comedy troupes, the Panama-California Exposition in Balboa Park (1915), members of the Fulkerson, Palmer family and Crane Family, other theaters in San Diego, membership cards, ticket stubs, and programs. Other photographs in the book include water airplanes, houses being transported down a street, Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle, flood damage (1916?), two baseball teams, and many photographs of actresses. Other material includes 150 photographs of actor/actresses and scenes from plays (many autographed), programs for the Savoy Theater (1920s-1930s), news clippings of articles or reviews on Savoy productions. Also advertisements for the Silverado and Momart ballrooms (dancing) and photographs of Jack Dempsey in boxing trunks.

C55. John Lewis Geddes Photograph Collection, 1930s. 130 oversized prints. Documents San Diego area adobe buildings and ranches. Collection includes photographs and captions relating to many nineteenth century (or earlier) adobe structures and ranches in San Diego County. Captions include history of the building, owner/builder, location and the name of the structure. Structures were located in San Diego, Spring Valley, Campo Valley and elsewhere. Included are F.M. Alvarado's Rancho Santa Maria, Don Tomas Alvarado's Rancho Monserate, dwellings of the Butterfield Stage Stations, Cave Johnson Couts' Rancho Guajome, Old Town including 'Ramona's Marriage Place' (Estudillo House), Marcos Forster's Rancho Santa Margarita y Las Flores, Juan Maria Marron's Rancho San Francisco de Agua Hedionda, Juan Maria Orozco's Rancho San Dieguito, Leandro Osuna's Rancho San Dieguito, Andres y Ignacio Ybarra's Rancho Las Encinitas con San Elijo and others.

C56. Irving Gill Architectural Photograph Collection, 1906-1915. 192 duplicate negatives. Documents architectural work of Irving Gill. Images include interior and exterior views of houses, institutions, churches, and other buildings designed by Gill. Included are sketches of the AME church, and images of the La Jolla Women's Club, the Bishops Day School, and St. James Chapel. Includes residences of Paul Mittimore, Charles L. Tutt, Ellen B. Scripps, Annie B. Danst, Melville Klauber, Charles P. Douglas, Mary Cossitt, and Alice Lee. Also see Photograph Reference Books relating to architecture.

C57. Griffith/Manatt Family Photograph Collection, 1910-1950 (bulk 1910-1915). 333 images. Documents activities of Griffith and Manatt family members in San Diego, Iowa and elsewhere. Mostly this collection consists of photograph albums and loose prints taken by Mary Lucia Griffith Kemp. Subjects include family outings to La Jolla, Ocean Beach, Torrey Pines, Warner's Hot Spring, Lakeside and the ranchlands south of Vista. Includes family trips to Clifton, Colorado and Kalona, Iowa. Images also include members of the Samuel I. Fox family. Item level inventory available.

C58. Joseph Malta Frederick Haase Photograph Collection: 1910s-1940s. 760 glass, nitrate, duplicate negatives, and some printed photographs. (90:18138) Numerically arranged. Coronado commercial photographer and Chief photographer at the North Island Naval Air Base, Staff photographer of Aircraft Squadrons Battle Fleet in San Diego, and photographer for the Del Mar Racetrack. This collection consists of many low altitude aerial images of Coronado including Tent City, the Coronado Yacht Club, bathhouse, boat house, fire department civic center, high school, high school football, Hotel del Coronado, a children's musical in the park, sea lions, a beached whale, ferries, North Island, musical bands, and other images.. Also included are images of downtown San Diego, Mission Beach, Point Loma, Tijuana, La Jolla, Torrey Pines, Escondido, and elsewhere. Military related images include the Naval Hospital, an aircraft wreck, Camp Kearny, North Island and other bases. Other images include 1920s automobiles, auto wrecks, fishing, golf, schools, Charles Lindbergh reception in San Diego with Will Rogers and others (1927), one image of Bing Crosby, Balboa Stadium, Balboa Park, Western Salt Co. workers (Chula Vista) and the Haase Family. There are also positive prints of many San Diego military bases. Unprocessed glass plates and nitrate negatives include race tracks at Bay Meadows, Tanforan, Del Mar and Aqua Caliente, Mexico; Jean Jurad's dance classes for children; Coronado Flower Show, Coronado High School football games, misc. portraits and unidentified images. The unprocessed images may not be accessible. Item level list exists.

C59. Mike Hazelip Photograph Collection, 1942-1950s. Approx. 800 images. A portion of the collection has been copied in 84:14825 (0-212). San Diego photographer. This collection documents downtown San Diego during World War II. Subjects related to wartime include 'Women at Work Week' displays at department stores, Convair workers under camouflage netting, parades, street scenes with sailors and others, babies, models and the Hollywood Theater burlesque acts. Other subjects include San Diego Blood Bank, San Diego Mission, El Cortez Hotel, Walter Church on 'Oro,' Lakeside Rodeo, horses, parades, sports (bowling, hockey, boxing), hotels, and the back country.

C60 through C133