Summer 2017

posted: Mar 02, 2018
The Journal of San Diego History San Diego History Center Quarterly Summer 2017, Volume 63, Number 2 Summer 2017, Volume 63, Number 2 (PDF)    

Winter 2017

posted: Jan 02, 2017
The Journal of San Diego History San Diego History Center Quarterly Winter 2017, Volume 63, Number 1 Winter 2017, Volume 63, Number 1 (PDF) Rancho La Puerta: Where the Fitness Revolution...

Summer/Fall 2016

posted: Jul 24, 2016
Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo, Citizen of Guatemala and Native of Palma del Río: New Sources from the Sixteenth Century David Lion Gardiner: A Yankee in Gold Rush California, 1849-1851 Tourmaline Canyon: Surfers...

Spring 2016

posted: Apr 04, 2016
The Journal of San Diego History San Diego History Center Quarterly Spring 2016, Volume 62, Number 2 Spring 2015, Volume 61, Number 2 (PDF) The San Diego Zoo after 100...

Winter 2016

posted: Jan 05, 2016
One Hundred Years of Civil Engineering Excellence in San Diego; The Bridges of San Diego County: The Art of Civil Engineering; The History of Caltrans District 11; Rick Engineering...

Summer/Fall 2015

posted: Jul 13, 2015
The Journal of San Diego History San Diego History Center Quarterly Summer Fall 2015, Volume 61, Number 3 & 4 Summer Fall 2015, Volume 61, Number 3 & 4 (PDF) The San Salvador Sails into...

Spring 2015

posted: Apr 10, 2015
San Diego Invites The World: The 1915 Exposition: A Pictorial Essay; The Wax and Addleson Families: Military Service Abroad and on the Homefront; On the Cusp of an American...

Winter 2015

posted: Jan 01, 2015
A Room of Their Own: The Contribution of Women to the Panama-California Exposition, 1915; Balboa Park Transformed: The Panama-California Exposition Landscape; Architect Irving Gill (1870-1936) and the Specifications...

Fall 2014

posted: Oct 01, 2014
WD-40: San Diego's Marketing Miracle; A Tale of the Cabrillo Statues; Lest We Forget: The San Diego Veterans War Memorial Building; International Balboa Park: The House...

Summer 2014

posted: Jul 01, 2014
San Diego’s Parachute Manufacturers: Visionaries and Entrepreneurs by Wallace R. Peck; Red Paradise: A Long Life in the San Diego Communist Movement by Toby Terrar.

Winter/Spring 2014

posted: Jan 01, 2014
A Brief Sketch of San Diego’s Military Presence: 1542-1945; Remembering the Forgotten Village of San Onofre: An Untold Story of Race Relations; Pioneers, Warriors, Advocates: San Diego’s Black Legal...

Fall 2013

posted: Oct 01, 2013
On the Road to San Diego: Junípero Serra’s Baja California Diary; The Vanished Tribes of Lower California; San Diego Presidio Nomination Form; National Register of Historic Places United...

Summer 2013

posted: Jul 01, 2013
The Villa Montezuma Museum at 125: Surviving and Thriving with Friends of the Villa Montezuma; Honorably Representing San Diego: The Story of the USS San Diego; Trails...

Winter/Spring 2013

posted: Jan 01, 2013
San Diego’s Craft Brew Culture; Wells Fargo: California’s Pioneer Bank; On the 50th Anniversary of President: John F. Kennedy’s visit to San Diego State College; Designing a Unified City:...

Fall 2012

posted: Oct 01, 2012
San Diego and the Pacific Theater:Consolidated Aircraft Corporation Holds the Home Front; Patriotism and Profit: San Diego’s Camp Kearny; The 2012 Transit of Venus Observed at Real de Santa...

Summer 2012

posted: Jul 01, 2012
The Del Mar Race Track: 75 Years of Turf and Surf; UCSD From Field Station to Research University: A Personal History; Father John Chrysostome Holbein: A Forgotten Chapter in...
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