From Blueprints to Buildings

posted: Jul 09, 2010
This exhibit of San Diego architecture traces the region’s rich architectural history from early Indian bark houses to Modern and Postmodern buildings.

Coast Road: 1900-1950

posted: Jul 09, 2010
How the coast road—commonly known as Pacific Coast Highway or Highway 101—opened scenic and recreational opportunities and created a spine of

Developing San Diego

posted: Jul 09, 2010
This photographic exhibition has been described as a "now and then" style view of San Diego. It might be more accurately described as "from then until now" as it...

Faces of San Diego

posted: Jul 09, 2010
With the use of personal photographs, Faces of San Diego 2000 seeks to connect the personal history of San Diegans to our community, our nation and ultimately...

100 Years of Art in San Diego

posted: Jul 09, 2010
100 Years of Art showcases a century of artwork by San Diego artists. You'll find plenty of inspiration in this impressive sampling of works!

Olaf Wieghorst: Painter of the American West

posted: Jul 09, 2010
Wieghorst painted the West as it was coming to a close. He experienced the West firsthand - serving on border patrol for the U.S. Cavalry in Texas, working...

It’s All About Me… in San Diego!

posted: Jul 09, 2010
Artwork created by fifth grade Balboa Park Program students explored the thoughts of these young people, what they like about the region, and how the area has...

Belle’s Legacy

posted: Jul 09, 2010
This exhibition highlighted the artwork and history projects of Francis Parker Middle School students as they interviewed former faculty and friends of Belle and created art projects...

ROMP! Children Discover Balboa Park

posted: Jul 09, 2010
This fun new children’s exhibition is a walk through time exploring the fascinating history of Balboa Park from its beginning to the "Park of the Future." Originally...

Taking Flight

posted: Jul 09, 2010
May 30, 2009 - September 13, 2009: Featuring rare wartime aviation posters from the early 20th century, Taking Flight boasted a stunning collection from Bill and Claudia Allen and...

San Diego 2000

posted: Jul 09, 2010
Supported by a grant from San Diego County, this San Diego Historical Society project will add 400 large format black and white photographs of San Diego to...

Nikkei Youth Culture

posted: Jul 09, 2010
Presented by the San Diego History Center and the Japanese American Historical Society of San Diego Nikkei youth were the subject of this educational exhibition that illustrated...

Dressing the Part

posted: Jul 07, 2010
October 15, 2010 - April 15, 2011: San Diego History Center presents a new, collaborative exhibition with The Old Globe Theatre!
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