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The Document Archives contain an extensive collection of material related to San Diego regional history including books, public records, maps, scrapbooks, unpublished manuscripts, document and manuscript collections, architectural records, newspapers and serials, biological and subject files, oral history interviews, and ephemera.

The majority of this material is only available by visting the Library. However, to assist researchers in accessing our collections, we have made a selection of information resources available online. We intend to add more resources as they become available.

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Pourade Series
Where California Began
Serra's San Diego
History of San Diego, 1542-1908
San Diego 1874 City Directory


Jose Antonio Aguirre (c.1793-1860)
Frank P. Allen (1881-1943)
Jose Antonio Altamirano (1835-)
John Judson Ames (1821-1861)
Santiago Arguello (1791-1862)
Santiago Arguello E. (1813-1857)
Anni Baldaugh (1881-1953)
Juan Bandini (1800-1859)
Belle Baranceanu (1902-1988)
Joshua Bean
Frank Belcher (1905-1959)
Belle Jennings Benchley (1882-1973)
Clara Breed (1906-1994)
George Burnham (1868-1939)
Thomas Henry Bush (1831-1898)
Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo (c.1498-1543)
Edwin M. Capps (1860-1938)
Jose Antonio Carrillo (1796-1862)
Jose Raimundo Carrillo (1749-1809)
Cassius Carter (1857-1909)
Andrew Cassidy
James S. Copley (1916-1973)
Cave Johnson Couts (1821-1874)
Philip Crosthwaite (1825-1903)
Richard Henry Dana (1815-1882)
William Heath Davis (1822-1909)
Jose Maria Echeandia ( -1871)
Jose Antonio Estudillo (1805-1852)
Jose Maria Estudillo ( -1830)
Bea Evenson (1900-1981)
Charles Merwin Fenn, MD (1835-1907)
Henry D. Fitch (1798-1849)
Reuben H Fleet (1887-1975)
Ed Fletcher (1872-1955)
Charles Arthur Fries (1854-1940)
Gertrude Gilbert (1871-1947)
Irving J Gill (1870-1936)
Ulysses S. Grant Jr. (1852-1928)
Samuel Wood Hamill (1903-1989)
Edward Hardy (1868-1958)
William Sterling Hebbard (1863-1930)
Fred A. Heilbron (1877-1973)
Mathias F. Heller (1859-1942)
Dr. David B. Hoffman (c.1824-1888)
Donal Hord (1902-1966)
Alonzo Erastus Horton (1813-1909)
Lydia Knapp Horton (1843-1926)
William Jefferson Hunsaker (1855-1933)
Robert D. Israel (1826-1907)
William Templeton Johnson (1877-1957)
William Kettner (1861-1930)
Alice E. Klauber (1871-1951)
Laurence Klauber (1883-1968)
Daniel Brown Kurtz (1819-1898)
Allen Light (c.1805-)
Apolinaria Lorenzana
George Lyons
John Macready (1887-1979)
Joseph S. Manasse ( -1897)
Nino Marcelli (c.1890-1967)
George White Marston (1850-1946)
James McCoy (1821- )
Father Antonio Menendez
Ephraim W. Morse (1823-1906)
Charles P. Noell (1812-1887)
Charles Russell Orcutt (1864-1929)
Juan Maria Osuna
Don Miguel de Pedrorena ( -1850)
Major General Joseph Henry Pendleton (1860-1942)
Jose Maria Pico ( -1819)
Pio Pico (1801-1894)
Gaspar de Portola
Dr. Peter Charles Remondino (1846-1926)
Roger Revelle (1909-1991)
Alfred Robinson
Judge James W. Robinson (1800-1857)
Margaret (Margot) King Rocle (1893-1981)
Louis Rose ( -1888)
William Starke Rosecrans (1819-1898)
Marcus Schiller (1823-1904)
Ellen Browning Scripps (1836-1932)
Alfred Seeley (1822-)
Jose Antonio Serrano
Kate Sessions (1857-1940)
Augusta Barrett Sherman (1839-1913)
Matthew Sherman (1827-1898)
Judge William Arthur Sloane (1854-1930)
Joseph Snook (1798-1848)
John D. Spreckels (1853-1926)
William Ellsworth Smythe (1861-1922)
Phil D. Swing (1884-1963)
George P. Tebbetts (1828-1909)
Katherine Tingley (1847-1929)
Father Antonio D. Ubach ( -1907)
Sebastian Vizcaino
Mary Chase Walker (1828-1899)
Thomas Whaley (1823-1890)
Keno Wilson (1862-1934)
Thomas & Juana Wrightington

Public Records

Guide to the Public Records Collection of the San Diego History Center [updated]

Manuscript Collections

*(CLIR) - denotes finding aid created as part of the CLIR Hidden Special Collections Grant 2010

MS 1 De Graff Austin Papers *(CLIR)
MS 4 P. C. Remondino Papers *(CLIR)
MS 5 Charles Russell Orcutt Papers
MS 6 Rest Haven Preventorium for Children Papers
MS 7 Pan American League of San Diego Collection
MS 10 Walter Bellon Papers
MS 11 Blochman Family Collection
MS 13 New San Diego Hotel Registers *(CLIR)
MS 14 Albemarle Hotel Register *(CLIR)
MS 15 Hotel Brewster Register *(CLIR)
MS 16 Hotel Lloyd Register *(CLIR)
MS 20 Hotel Raymond Register *(CLIR)
MS 21 Lakeside Hotel Register *(CLIR)
MS 23 Augustus S. Ensworth Ledger *(CLIR)
MS 25 Fitch Family Papers *(CLIR)
MS 26 Alonzo and Lydia Knapp Horton Collection *(CLIR)
MS 29 William Kettner Papers *(CLIR)
MS 31 Pattie Party Memorial Plaque Records *(CLIR)
MS 35 George White Marston Civic Collection *(CLIR)
MS 37 George W McKinstry Papers
MS 38 Kate Sessions Collection *(CLIR)
MS 40 Thomas C. Stockton Papers *(CLIR)
MS 41 Julius Wangenheim Papers *(CLIR)
MS 42 Hazel Wood Waterman Collection
MS 43 Congregation Beth Israel Records *(CLIR)
MS 46 Hotel del Coronado Collection *(CLIR)
MS 55 Jesse Shepard Papers *(CLIR)
MS 57 Mission Valley Nursery Records *(CLIR)
MS 59 Price Family Papers *(CLIR)
MS 62 Red Cross Collection *(CLIR)
MS 63 Alice Barnett Stevenson Papers *(CLIR)
MS 71 Presidio Park Collection *(CLIR)
MS 72 Pacific Coast Steamship Company Records *(CLIR)
MS 75 Edward H. Davis Collection *(CLIR)
MS 79 Robert Bliss Journal *(CLIR)
MS 85 Writers' Club of San Diego Records *(CLIR)
MS 91 Dr. F. R. Millard Ledger *(CLIR)
MS 92 Lewis Riley Papers *(CLIR)
MS 96 Standard Iron Works Collection *(CLIR)
MS 97 Joseph Foster Diary Collection *(CLIR)
MS 100 San Diego Theater Organ Group and Fox Theatre Collection *(CLIR)
MS 104 Pioneer Society of San Diego County Records *(CLIR)
MS 115 San Diego Gila Southern Pacific and Atlantic Railroad Company Records *(CLIR)
MS 124 Thomas F. Bomar Papers *(CLIR)
MS 133 San Diego Open Forum Records *(CLIR)
MS 134 Amphion Club Collection *(CLIR)
MS 135 Colonel Ed Fletcher Collection *(CLIR)
MS 142 Vesta Muehleisen Papers *(CLIR)
MS 144 Ephraim W. Morse Papers *(CLIR)
MS 149 San Diego Realty Board Services Collection *(CLIR)
MS 154 Thomas William Sweeny Collection
MS 156 Warner's Ranch Collection *(CLIR)
MS 157 Grand Army of the Republic Collection
MS 160 Charles E. Arnold Collection *(CLIR)
MS 161 Filibuster Expeditions Collection *(CLIR)
MS 162 Allied Craftsmen of San Diego Records *(CLIR)
MS 165 Asher Family Day Book *(CLIR)
MS 167 Alonzo Horton Ledger Collection *(CLIR)
MS 169 Custado Family Collection *(CLIR)
MS 170 William Lingo Collection *(CLIR)
MS 171 Helen Bloomenshine Balboa Park Protective Association Collection *(CLIR)
MS 173 Charlotte Baker Diary Collection *(CLIR)
MS 174 Oneira Women's Club Records *(CLIR)
MS 175 Denton Family Papers *(CLIR)
MS 182 Alice E. Klauber Papers *(CLIR)
MS 184 Haugh Transportation Collection *(CLIR)
MS 185 Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) Collection *(CLIR)
MS 186 Guassac Family Papers *(CLIR)
MS 187 Carl Reupsch Collection *(CLIR)
MS 188 Philip Martin Water Development Collection *(CLIR)
MS 190 California Retired Teachers Association Records *(CLIR)
MS 191 Clarence and George Carr Papers *(CLIR)
MS 192 Edgar Hastings Board of Supervisors Collection *(CLIR)
MS 193 State-County Parks and Beaches Association Records *(CLIR)
MS 194 San Diego Turners Records *(CLIR)
MS 200 Henri Jacot Balboa Park Protective Association Records *(CLIR)
MS 201 James R. Evans Diary *(CLIR)
MS 202 Journals of the Schooner Ellen *(CLIR)
MS 204 Beck Family Papers *(CLIR)
MS 205 Mario T. Garcia Chicano Collection *(CLIR)
MS 206 Audrey Oliver Collection *(CLIR)
MS 207 Silvergate Riding Club and Balboa Mounted Troop Records *(CLIR)
MS 208 Carla Kirkwood Collection *(CLIR)
MS 209 Ah Quin Diary Collection *(CLIR)
MS 210 Ethel Tulloch Papers *(CLIR)
MS 212 Harley Knox Collection *(CLIR)
MS 213 Orrell Anza Borrego Desert Collection *(CLIR)
MS 214 Rachel Granger Wegeforth Papers *(CLIR)
MS 215 Miss Billy Riley Papers *(CLIR)
MS 216 Edith Thurston Keyes Papers *(CLIR)
MS 217 I. Andrea Hoffman Jackson Papers *(CLIR)
MS 218 Stuart Family Mount Laguna Collection *(CLIR)
MS 219 Old San Diego Community Church Records *(CLIR)
MS 220 Douglas Gunn Papers *(CLIR)
MS 221 Women's Christian Temperance Union Records *(CLIR)
MS 222 Trepte Construction Company Building Project Records *(CLIR)
MS 223 Harrell Weaver Family Papers *(CLIR)
MS 224 David C. Burkenroad Research Collection *(CLIR)
MS 225 San Diego Gaslamp Research Project Records *(CLIR)
MS 226 Katherine Drummond Shakespeare Collection *(CLIR)
MS 227 San Diego Center for Children Records *(CLIR)
MS 228 Virginia DeMarais Anza Borrego Region Collection *(CLIR)
MS 230 Central Federal Savings and Loan Association Records *(CLIR)
MS 231 Tradewell Middletown Collection *(CLIR)
MS 232 Charles H. Bartholomew Postmaster Letterpress Book *(CLIR)
MS 233 San Diego Harbor Pilots Collection *(CLIR)
MS 234 Trask Family Chinese Correspondence Collection *(CLIR)
MS 235 Alpine Library Association Records *(CLIR)

MS 237 Junipero Land and Water Company Records *(CLIR)
MS 238 Richard Stephens Diary Collection *(CLIR)
MS 239 Louis and Dolores Strahlmann Papers *(CLIR)
MS 240 Little Landers Colony Records *(CLIR)
MS 241 Thomas and Ellen Bush Family Papers *(CLIR)
MS 242 Jerry MacMullen Collection *(CLIR)
MS 243 Benbough Family Collection *(CLIR)
MS 244 San Diego Bar Association Auxiliary Records *(CLIR)
MS 247 Lloyd Ruocco Papers *(CLIR)
MS 248 San Diego Sheet Music Collection *(CLIR)
MS 249 Navy Public Works Collection *(CLIR)
MS 251 Pastime Gun Club Records *(CLIR)
MS 253 San Diego Stamp Club Records *(CLIR)
MS 254 El Cajon Horticultural Society Records *(CLIR)
MS 255 The California Building Construction Records *(CLIR)
MS 258 Spreckels Companies Records *(CLIR)
MS 259 Juniors of the Social Service Auxiliary Mardi Gras Programs Collection *(CLIR)
MS 260 Douglas Giddings Mission Bay Park Collection *(CLIR)
MS 261 Mouney Pfefferkorn Papers *(CLIR)
MS 262 Herbert L. Minshall Papers *(CLIR)
MS 263 Panama-California Exposition Administrative Collection *(CLIR)
MS 264 Otay Flood Relief Expedition Records *(CLIR)
MS 265 San Diego Browning Society Records *(CLIR)
MS 266 Scholia Club Records *(CLIR)
MS 267 San Diego Pueblo Lands Collection *(CLIR)
MS 268 Dutilleul Mission Valley Journal *(CLIR)
MS 269 San Diego Election Collection *(CLIR)
MS 270 Andreas Brown Collection *(CLIR)
MS 271 Julian & Son Records *(CLIR)
MS 272 Kathleen Flanigan Collection
MS 274 Traver Family Papers *(CLIR)
MS 275 Isaac N. Casner Papers *(CLIR)
MS 276 Santiago "Jim" Meza / Campo Indian Reservation Papers *(CLIR)
MS 278 Charles Deleval Receipt Book *(CLIR)
MS 279 Horton House Ledger Collection *(CLIR)
MS 280 Rancho de la Nacion Collection *(CLIR)
MS 281 Anne Hunt Collection *(CLIR)
MS 282 Border Newspaper Collection *(CLIR)
MS 283 Uncle Sam Republican League Club Records *(CLIR)
MS 302 San Diego County Water Authority Collection

Richard Amero Balboa Park Collections

MS 76 Richard Amero Collection
Kate Sessions and Balboa Park
Samuel Parsons and Balboa Park
Balboa Park History
Panama-California Exposition 1915-1916
California Pacific International Exposition 1935-1936
Balboa Park Buildings:
Administration Building
Balboa Park Club
Botanical Building
California Building
Casa de Balboa Building
Casa del Prado Building
Federal Building
Ford Building
Home Economy Building
House of Hospitality
House of Charm 
Science & Education Building
Spreckels Organ Pavilion