January 1960

posted: Jan 01, 1960
San Diego...Where California Began — By James Mills San Diego Area Histories

October 1959

posted: Oct 01, 1959
Old Town Talk -- III; Fort Rosecrans, California

July 1959

posted: Jul 01, 1959
Ninety Years in San Diego -- The Story of the Klauber Wangenheim Co.; The Orizaba -- and Johnson Heights; Two Horsepower Is Plenty; Is the Trash-can Always the Answer?

April 1959

posted: Apr 01, 1959
Childhood Recollections of the Agua Tibia Ranch; "Information, Please . . ."; The Wreck of the Yankee Blade; The Immortal Judkins; From Cuneiforn to Magnetic Tape; Historical Miscellany; Casualties...

January 1959

posted: Jan 01, 1959
Historical Landmarks of San Diego County

October 1958

posted: Oct 01, 1958
River Town; Old Town Talk -- II; La Jolla No. 1; The Venerable Ning Po; "Information, Please..."

July 1958

posted: Jul 01, 1958
Point Loma's Controversial Oaks; Wagons West - The Conestoga ; "Old Rosy"; Early Days of the Public Library; Historical Miscellany

April 1958

posted: Apr 01, 1958
Chuck-Wagon Day; The Automobile is Here to Stay; Over the Hill to the Stonewall; Hey-Day of the N. C. & O.; The Old Country Story

January 1958

posted: Jan 01, 1958
Old Town Talk; Palomar's Friendly Hermit; The Santa Ana Winds; The Obituary Column

October 1957

posted: Oct 01, 1957
Life at the Oriflamme Mine, 1875-1876; Better Days -- or Something; When the Railroad Bypassed Los Angeles; A Swell Yachting Party; Herbert C. Hensley

July 1957

posted: Jul 01, 1957
The San Diego and Escondido Stage; Journalistic Remarks on the Los Angeles and Tucson Mails; Stonewall Days; The First White Child - What! Again?; The Old Side-Wheeler Senator; Notes...

April 1957

posted: Apr 01, 1957
Birch's Overland Mail in San Diego County; Lassator's in Green Valley; Firing the Anvil; Salt-Water Overland Mail

January 1957

posted: Jan 01, 1957
A Young Man Comes to Town; Historical Miscellany; Steamer Day; The Mighty Goliah; A Bishop's First Glimpse of a Frontier Town; The Lakeside Inn; The Day of the Dismal...

October 1956

posted: Oct 01, 1956
Mutton Chops, and a Round; Thumbing Through San Diego's First Directory; Justice in Old Town

July 1956

posted: Jul 01, 1956
Cullamac, Alias Del Capitan Grande;   Seventy-five years of Light;   Don Pedro's Cattle Range;   A Spanish Wall

April 1956

posted: Apr 01, 1956
The Building of the Horton House; Land Boom Palace; The Glittering St. James Hotel; The Franklin House; New San Diego's Finest Hotel;
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