Antoni di Gesu

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EDWARD ALBEE: 1965 [Born 1928] Playwright: The Zoo Story, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf

W.H. AUDEN: 1966 [1907-1973] Author, Poet, Playwright, Essayist

LEGLER BENBOUGH: [1909-1998] Mortuary Owner, Philanthropist

JACOB BRONOWSKI: 1973 [1908-1974] Intellectual/Scientist: The Ascent of Man

HELEN COPLEY: 1970s [Born 1923] Union-Tribune Publisher

NORMAN COUSINS: 1970s [1915-1990] Editor: Saturday Review Author: Anatomy of an Illness

LOWELL DAVIES: [1897-1983] Attorney, President, Old Globe Theater

BEA EVENSON: Civic activist: founder, Committee of One Hundred

REUBEN FLEET: 1970s [1887-1975] Founder Consolidated Aircraft Corp.

BUCKMINSTER FULLER: 1967 [1895-1983] Architect & Engineer, Designer of the Geodesic Dome

THEODORE GEISEL: 1970s [1904-1991] Author Dr. Seuss: The Cat in the Hat

MORLEY H. GOLDEN: [1896-1980] Construction Company Owner

ERNEST HAHN: [1919-1992] Shopping Center Developer

ROSCOE E. "PAPPY" HAZARD: [1880-1975] Road Builder

CHRISTOPHER ISHERWOOD: 1960s [1904-1986] English Novelist, Poet: The Berlin Stories

PHILIP KLAUBER: [Born 1915] Engineer/Executive

JOAN KROC: 1970s [Born 1929] Philanthropist, San Diego Padres Owner
RAY KROC: 1970s [1902-1984] McDonalds CEO, Philanthropist, San Diego Padres Owner

M. LARRY LAWRENCE: [1926-1996] Hotel Del Coronado Owner, Ambassador

CARLETON LICHTY: [Born 1915] President, Hotel Del Coronado

MARGARET MEAD: 1960s [1901-1978] American Anthropologist: Coming of Age in Somoa

CRAIG NOEL: [Born 1915] Old Globe Theater Director

MAUREEN O'CONNOR: [Born 1946] San Diego Mayor, 1986-1992

ROGER REVELLE: [1909-1991] Oceanographer. "Father of UCSD"

GUSTAVO ROMERO: [Born 1965] Pianist

JONAS SALK: [1914-1995] Microbiologist: Polio Vaccine, Director - Salk Institute, UCSD

GEORGE WALKER SMITH: Pastor, Christ Presbyterian Church, President, Board of Education


Note: These photos have been cropped for display on the internet.

Our appreciation and thanks to Alice di Gesu for her hospitality and enthusiasm in making this exhibit possible and donating Antony di Gesu's photographs to the Historical Society.

Also thanks to Eva Phibbs, di Gesu's printer, of Photic for her help, enthusiasm and for printing the images.