San Diego Sports History: Baseball

Whitey Wietelmann, 1950

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Herbert C. Hensley's Memoirs at the San Diego History Center provide some insight to the look and feel of the local game during the late 1800s. "The catcher's mask was only just coming in," Hensley wrote, " . . at least hereabouts. Aside from that, and a glove (not a mitt), for his left hand, the catcher had no protection. The umpire had none whatsoever, nor did the other players. I well remember when Bert Edwards exhibited the first glove ever brought to San Diego, some years later, and how it was at first ridiculed as a sissy affair. The catcher, customarily, was content to take pitched balls on the first bounce, even with runners on base or with two strikes called."

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Now on-line: "This Was Paradise ~ Voices of the Pacific Coast League Padres, 1936-1958" from the Journal of San Diego History