W.W. Stewart Family Collection.

ca. 1858-ca. 1924.

57 items (54 photographic prints, 2 photomechanical prints, 1 postcard): b&w; 35 x 45 cm. or smaller.
1 album (12 photographic prints): b&w; 14 x 18 cm.

Photographic prints: OP10834/1-56.

San Diego History Center
Booth Historical Photograph Archives
P.O. Box 81825
San Diego, CA 92138

Gift of Eleanor Ring, 1975?

Open for research.

For permission to reproduce or publish, contact the curator of the Booth Historical Photograph Archives of the San Diego Historical Society. Reproduction or publication of any part of this collection must include the following information next to the image(s) or in a special section of credits: W.W. Stewart Family Collection, San Diego History Center, Booth Historical Photograph Archives.

Arrangement: by subject and size. Photographers include Robert H. Furman, J.C. Parker, Lee Passmore, M. Otto Schellenberg, and J.A. Sherriff. See negatives 18170/1-34 in the Union Title Insurance Collection for more Stewart family photographs not in this collection. Forms part of: San Diego Historical Society Original Print Collection.

William Wallace Stewart and his family moved from Placerville, California, to San Diego in 1869 where he established a business as a shipper and wholesale commission merchant. He was married to Isabella Ellen Ryan. They had three sons (Charles, Harry, and Roy) and three daughters (Kate, Molly, and Belle).

This collection portrays the family of pioneer San Diego merchant W.W. Stewart. It contains mostly card photographs and includes studio portraits, family gatherings, the W.W. Stewart and Company warehouse on K Street, and views of Warner Springs and El Morro, near San Luis Rey Mission. Of special note is a motion picture still and photographs of W.W. Stewart’s youngest son Roy Stewart, an early Hollywood cowboy film actor, shaking hands with San Diego Mayor John L. Bacon. Another segment of the collection portrays ships. It includes Lee Passmore photographs of the SS Harpathian and a small photograph album that documents the USS Bennington disaster.

W.W. Stewart.
Stewart family.
Families — California — San Diego.
Ship accidents.
Bennington (Ship).


Box 1
Folder 1
OP10834/35Motion picture still of early Hollywood cowboy film actor John Roy Stewart, W.W. Stewart’s son, in Trail of the Lonesome Star, 1913.
OP10834/14Actor Roy Stewart (sitting on horse) shaking hands with San Diego Mayor John L. Bacon, with inscription by Bacon: “Best wishes to my old neighbor Roy Stewart. A San Diego product we are all proud of.”
OP10834/15Actor Roy Stewart (right) with Mayor John L. Bacon.
Folder 2
OP10834/24Men, horses, and wagons in front of W.W. Stewart and Company warehouse on K Street, 1887.
Folder 3
OP10835/42View of mesa, upper El Morro, near San Luis Rey Mission.
OP10834/43Looking north from upper El Morro mesa.
OP10834/44Horse drawn wagon crossing the San Diego, Cuyamaca, and Eastern Railroad, west of El Morro.
OP10834/45Woman on horse.
OP10834/46View showing water conditions at El Morro.
OP10834/47Looking across a “fertile” valley of El Morro.
OP10834/50Horse drawn wagon crossing Tijuana River.
Folder 4
OP10834/39View of main road through Warner Springs showing people, buildings, and tents, 1908.
OP10834/51Group of men sitting outside building at Warner Springs, 1908.
OP10834/23Portrait of three American Indians.
OP10834/41Man rowing scull near pier.
OP10834/49Postcard showing San Diego’s U.S. Grant Hotel, looking west from the plaza, grand opening October 15, 1910.
Folder 5
OP10834/52Portrait of Harry Bye Stewart, son of W.W. Stewart (J.A. Sherriff, photographer).
OP10834/53Portrait of W.W. Stewart’s infant daughter Ruth Isabelle [Belle] Stewart, age 13 months, 1869 (J.H. Heering of San Jose, photographer).
OP10834/31Portrait of W.W. Stewart’s daughters: Belle (left), Molly [Mary Ella] (center), and Kate [Catherine] (right), between 1886 and 1892 (J.C. Parker, photographer).
OP10834/28Group portrait of Stewart family, from left to right: Charlie [Charles King] W.W. and Molly (front), Kate, Belle, Isabella [Ellen Ryan, wife of W.W. Stewart], and Harry, 1878 (J.A. Sherriff, photographer).
OP10834/30Portrait of Roy Stewart as young child with unidentified boy, 1885 (J.A. Sherriff, photographer).
OP10834/33Portrait of Molly Stewart, age 11, 1883 (J.A. Sherriff, photographer).
OP10834/29Portrait of [Molly?], 1874 (Parker & Parker, photographer).
Folder 6
OP10834/21Portrait of W.W. [William Wallace] Stewart, [1887?] (F.G. Schumacher of Los Angeles, photographer).
Folder 7
OP10834/38Portrait of Roy Stewart, 1890 (Howland and Chadwick of Los Angeles, photographer).
OP10834/37Woman standing in front of house in Oakland, California, 1890.
OP10834/55Portrait of “Baby” Ruth, age 3 months, with mother, 1902 (F.C. Shook of Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania, photographer).
OP10834/32Portrait of Belle Stewart Reynolds and infant son Stewart, 1897.
OP10834/18Portrait of woman and two children [Belle with her son Stewart and daughter Ruth?].
OP10834/19Portrait of three men and a woman, “received Thanksgiven [sic] day,” 1901 (Coover and Rasmussen of San Francisco, photographer).
OP10834/3Portrait of Mrs. [Kate Stewart] Jackson, [ca. 1920] (M. Otto Schellenberg, photographer).
OP10834/36Portrait of woman [Belle Stewart Reynolds?], 1909.
OP10834/34Portrait of woman [Isabella Ryan Stewart?], age 73, 1910 (M. Otto Schellenberg, photographer).
OP10834/48Portrait of Jennie [Jane] Ryan Harville (left), Margaret Towner Hawkett (center), Nellie [Isabella] Ryan Stewart (right), in San Francisco or Sacramento [photographic reproduction of daguerreotype, ca. 1858].
OP10834/40Portrait of Ella Reynolds, age 4, 1909 (F.C. Shook of Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania, photographer).
OP10834/17Portrait of W.W. Stewart, his daughter Belle Stewart Reynolds, and grandson Stewart, 1899 (Robert H. Furman, photographer).
Folder 8
OP10834/56Group portrait of Molly Stewart (front row, fourth from right), age 11, classmates, and teacher Miss Fogg, 1883.
OP10834/22Group of men, women, and children around picket fence.
OP10834/16Group of men, women, and children around fence, 1886.
OP10834/13Group of people riding in horse drawn wagons, 1910.
Folder 9
OP10834/20Schooner Rosoria, returning [from Guadalupe Islands?] with Captain Bill [Tomas?] and Fred Sisson, the cook, on deck, 1873.
OP10834/12San Diego, first [yacht?] ever built in San Diego, 1880.
Folder 10
OP10834/1Portrait of Molly, Kate, and Belle Stewart, and two other women outdoors, 1891 (J.C. Parker, photographer).
OP10834/27Group of people at Ocean Beach, 1890 (J.C. Parker, photographer).
OP10834/26Group of people, including Molly Stewart, at Ocean Beach, 1890 (J.C. Parker, photographer).
OP10834/26ACopy of OP10834/26 made by Fritz Crabill in 1971.
OP10834/25Group of people around a stone wall, 1888.
Folder 11
OP10834/54Photograph album containing 12 prints documenting the USS Bennington disaster, 1905 (V. Bruschi, photographer; J. S. Launderville, photographer).
Box 2 (Oversize)
Folder 12
OP10834/7First ship launched at Marine Ways, North Island, under construction; Marine Ways co-owned by W.W. Stewart, [ca. 1889] (J.C. Parker, photographer).
Folder 13
OP10834/11Portrait of Francis Stewart Dean, daughter of Robert Stewart and W.W. Stewart’s niece, inscribed “For my cousin Roy,” 1900 (Marceau of New York, photographer).
OP10834/2Portrait of Belle Stewart Reynolds, [ca. 1900] (Robert H. Furman, photographer).
OP10834/8Portrait of Kate, Mary [Molly], and Belle, 1890.
Folder 14
OP10834/9SS Harpathian [sunk 100 miles off Virginia coast in 1918] discharging cargo at U.S. Navy coaling station, San Diego, 1913 (Lee Passmore, photographer).
OP10834/6Two ships docked [in San Diego Bay?], the [Vestalia?] and a Japanese ship, [1913?] (Lee Passmore, photographer).
OP10834/5Portrait SS Harpathian Captain Route, 1913 (Lee Passmore, photographer).
Folder 15
OP10834/4Group portrait in yard of Stewart house, 636 E Street, from left to right: W.W. Stewart, unidentified woman, Molly, Belle, unidentified woman, Kate, 1891 (J.C. Parker, photographer).
OP10834/10Kate and Molly Stewart in yard of Stewart house.
OP10834/56Wedding picture, in yard of Stewart house, from left to right: unidentified boy, Belle, W.W. Stewart, Captain Ziba Wells Reynolds, unidentified boy, [Molly?], and [Kate?], 1895.