James E. Dillon Theater Collection.

James E. Dillon.

ca. 1901-1933.

1,015 photographic prints: gelatin silver; 11 x 14 in. or smaller.

Photographic prints: OP10771/0-1011.

San Diego History Center
Booth Historical Photograph Archives
P.O. Box 81825
San Diego, CA 92138

Gift of James and Ruth Dillon, 1953.

Open for research.

For permission to reproduce or publish, contact the curator of the Booth Historical Photograph Archives at the San Diego Historical Society. Reproduction or publication of any part of this collection must include the following information next to the image(s) or in a special section of credits: James E. Dillon Theater Collection, San Diego History Center, Booth Historical Photograph Archives.

Arranged in alphabetical order by play title. Many photographs stamped on verso or otherwise marked White Studio (New York, N.Y.), occasionally with the photographer’s last name. Includes alphabetical index. Some images badly faded. Forms part of the San Diego History Center Original Print Collection.

Born in Reno, Nevada, James E. Dillon (1886-1972) began his stage career in Los Angeles as an actor in light opera and drama. He came to San Diego in 1912 as part of the World’s Fair Stock Company. That same year he married fellow actress Ruth Van Deusen on stage during rehearsals. They settled in San Diego and had a daughter. Dillon performed as an actor at various theaters and apparently managed the Grand Theater, and perhaps others, before moving on to radio in the 1930s.

The James E. Dillon Theater Collection contains publicity photographs collected by San Diego actor and theater manager James E. Dillon. They were used to advertise various New York plays appearing in San Diego theaters early in the 20th century. These production stills show original cast, costumes, and stage settings for almost 200 theatrical productions written by George Ade, George M. Cohan, Victor Herbert, J. Hartley Manners, and others. Probably performed by local repertory companies, the plays include: Peg O’ My Heart, Little Women, Under Two Flags, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, Get Rich Quick Wallingford, Cave Girl, Daddy Long Legs, Fortune Hunter, Naughty Wife, Rose of the Rancho, Trail of the Lonesome Pine, Too Many Husbands, and many others.

Theatrical productions.

Dates indicated are when photograph(s) were taken and not when play appeared in San Diego.

Box 1 (oversize)    
Folder 1    
0-7The Littlest RebelSpreckels  
8-10Amazons  1913?
11-16Oh Boy!   
17-20Madame XAlexandre BissonEmpress 
21-26 Marrying Money  
Folder 2    
27-30At 9:45   
31-35A Voice in the DarkRalph E. DyarStrandca. 1919
36-42Sis Hopkins   
43-46Arms and the Girl   
47-49The Man from Mexico   
50-55 Pollyanna  
Folder 3    
62-66Jim’s Girl   
67-71Kick InWillard MackStrandca. 1914
Folder 4    
72-73Saturday to Monday   
74-80The Trail of the Lonesome PineJohn Fox Jr.  
81-85Little Shepard of Kingdom Come Strand 
86-90Please Get Married   
91-94A Regular Feller   
95-99The Show Shop   
100-105 Sinners  
Folder 5    
107-116The SpoilersRex Beach ca. 1907
117-121A Successful Calamity   
122-129Forty-Five Minutes from Broadway   
Folder 6    
130-134Way Down East   
140-146Clarence Strand 
147-151The Concert   
Folder 7    
152-156Peg O’ My HeartJ. Hartley MannersSpreckels 
157-162Which One Shall I Marry? Lyceum 
163-173Within the Law  ca. 1915
174-179Sick a Bed   
Folder 8    
180-185Nothing but the Truth   
186-192The Brat   
193-199A Pair of Sixes Lyceum 
200-203A Pair of Queens   
204-209The Thirteenth Chair   
210-216Pals First   
Folder 9    
217-229Maggie Pepper   
230-234Johnny, Get Your GunEdmund L. BurkeStrandca. 1917
235-238Law of the Land Spreckels? 
239-243On Trial   
244-247The Old Homestead   
248-254Our Little Wife   
255-259One of Us   
Box 2 (oversize)    
Folder 10    
260-264Little Miss Brown   
265-276The Easiest Way   
277-281Lombardi Limited   
282-285Get Rich Quick WallingfordGeorge M. CohanEmpressca. 1910
286-290Seven Chances   
291-296Country Cousin Isis 
Folder 11    
297-305What Happened to Mary   
306-312Alma, Where Do You Live? Strand 
 [Note: 313-330 not used.]   
Folder 12    
331-337Broadway Buttermilk Strand 
338-347Going Some   
348-355Good Gracious, Annabelle   
356-361The Great Divide Utah 
362-364Help Wanted [with Charles Ruggles]   
365-369Gypsy Trail   
370-374Lilac Time   
375-379Grumpy Strand 
380-385Mary Awake   
386-391Miss Leading Lady   
Folder 13    
392-398Daddy Long LegsJean WebsterStrandca. 1920
399-404The Unkissed Bride   
405-411Some Baby   
Folder 14    
412-418The Yellow Ticket   
419-425What’s Your Husband Doing   
426-430Business Before Pleasure Strand 
431-446Potash and PerlmutterMontague Glass 1913?
Folder 15    
447-452Nancy Lee, the Small Town Girl   
453-454The Gorilla Savoy1924
455-456The Deserter   
457-463Bunker Beau  1916?
Folder 16    
464Ready Money   
465-470Yes or No   
471-475Forever After Strand 
476-479Polly with a Past   
480-484Fair and Warmer   
485-489Five Million   
490-491Polly of the Circus   
Folder 17    
492-494The County ChairmanGeorge AdeIsis 
505Believe Me, Nannette   
506Naughty Wife   
507-512Song of Songs  1914
513-519Captain Red, Jr.   
520-524Friendly EnemiesSamuel ShipmanStrand 
525-528Too Many Husbands   
529-530The Fight   
531-535Common Clay  1915
Folder 18    
536-540The Ouija BoardCrane WilburStrandca. 1920
541-545The Hawk   
546-547Saturday to Monday   
548-551The Only GirlVictor HerbertSavoy1933
552-556Deluxe Annie   
557-560Damaged Goods Empress1913
561-563Such a Little Queen Spreckels 
Folder 19    
564-568Come SevenOctavus R. CohenStrandca. 1920
569-574Why Marry?   
575-585Cave GirlGeorge MiddletonStrandca. 1920
586-591Broadway Jones   
601-605The Girl in the Taxi   
Box 3 (oversize)    
Folder 20    
606-611Rose of the RanchoDavid Belasco  
612-619Pair of Silk Stockings   
620-624Nearly Married Strand 
625-634Bought and Paid For Strand 
635-640Eyes of Youth   
641-644Elevating a Husband   
Folder 21    
645-650Little Women   
651-658Under Two FlagsPaul M. Potter ca. 1901
659-663Stop Thief   
664-670Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch San Diego H.S.1931
671-675Mother Carey’s ChickensKate Wiggin  
676-681Polly of the Circus   
Folder 22    
682-687Under Cover [with Rockcliffe Fellowes]   
688-692Winning of Barbara WorthHarold Bell WrightStrand 
Folder 23    
693-697Rich Man, Poor ManMaximilian Foster  
698-702Three Faces East   
703-708Never Say Die   
711-716Romance of the Underworld   
717-722Nothing but Lies   
723Blind Youth   
724The Big Idea   
725-730Baby Mine   
731-735Believe Me, Xantippe   
736-740Wedding BellsSalisbury FieldStrandca. 1919
741-744No More Blondes Strand 
745-748The Woman in Room 13   
Folder 24    
749-756Rolling Stones   
757-760College Widow   
761-765Cinderella Man   
766So Long, Letty Empress 
767Up in Mabel’s Room   
768Under Orders   
769The Only Girl   
770-773Naughty Wife   
774-780The Price [with Helen Ware]George Broadhurst ca. 1911
Folder 25    
781-786Happiness Strand 
787-790High Cost of Living   
791-795House of Glass   
796-801Here Comes the Bride   
802-804Miss Hobbs   
Folder 26    
807-814Love Route   
815Marriage of Kitty   
816-821The Little Teacher  1917?
822-831It Pays to Advertise Strand1918
832-833The Heir to the HoorahPaul ArmstrongStrand 
834-838Excuse Me   
Folder 27    
845-850Stitch in Time   
851-855Cappy Ricks Isis 
856-857Your Neighbor’s WifeFrederic HattonEmpressca. 1916
858-864Upstairs and Down   
Box 4 (oversize)    
Folder 28    
865-869The Miracle Man   
876-879A Prince There Was   
880-889The Man from Home Isis 
890-894Heart of Watanna   
Folder 29    
895-907Fifty Miles from Boston   
908-911Fortune Hunter   
912A Trip through China   
913-919Full House   
920-923Rebecca of Sunnybrook FarmKate Wiggin  
924-931Blue Envelope   
Folder 30    
932-937A Cure for CurablesEarl Derr BiggersStrand 
938-948The Very Idea   
949-954Civilian Clothes Strand 
955-961Cheating Cheaters   
962-965Parlor, Bedroom and Bath Strand 
966Turn to the Right!Winchell SmithStrand 
967When Dreams Come True   
968Old English [with George Arliss]John Galsworthy ca. 1924
969Mutt and Jeff’s Dream Spreckels 
Folder 31    
976Twinkle, Twinkle [with Joe E. Brown] ca. 1926 
977Carmen  1924
970-975Seven Keys to BaldpateGeorge M. Cohan 1917
Folder 32    
978-1006 [Unidentified productions]  
Folder 33    
1007-1011 [Unidentified actors and actresses]