1769 -1840

Lt. Pedro Fages
Military commandant of California; July, 1770, to May, 1774.
Lt. Jose Francisco Ortega
From July, 1771; made lieutenant and put in formal charge, 1773; continued until 1781.
Lt. Jose de Zuniga
September 8, 1781, to October 19, 1793.
Lt. Antonio Grajera
October 19, 1793, to August 23, 1799.
Lt. Jose Font
Temporary commandant of military post, ranking Rodriguez, August 23, 1799, to 1803.
Lt. Manuel Rodriguez
Acting commandant of the company from August 23, 1799, until 1803, when he became commandant of the post and so continued until late in 1806.
Lt. Francisco Maria Ruiz
Acting commandant from late in 1806 until 1807.
Lt. Jose de la Guerra y Noriega
For a short time in 1806-1807.
Capt. Jose Raimundo Carrillo
From late in 1807 until 1809.
Lt. Francisco Maria Ruiz
Lieutenant and acting commandant from 1809 until 1820.
Capt. Ignacio del Corral
Nominally commandant from 1810 to 1820, but never came to California.
Lt. Jose Maria Estudillo
October 23, 1820, to September, 1821.
Capt. Francisco Maria Ruiz
September, 1821, to 1827, when he retired at age of 73.
Lt. Jose Maria Estudillo
From early in 1827 to April 8, 1830.
Lt. Santiago Arguello
From April 8, 1830, to 1835.
Capt. Agustin V. Zamorano
From 1835 to 1840; was in San Diego only during 1837-1838 and never assumed command of the company.
Capt. Pablo de la Portilla was nominally commandant of the post by seniority of rank, whenever present, from 1835 until he left California in 1838.

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